X-Men Preview (RunDLC)

This weekend, Konami announced plans to bring its X-Men arcade game to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in 2011. This six-player brawler, released in 1992, was one of the forefathers of the modern day beat-em-up, allowing multiple users to band together to kick butt across a variety of stages. Although the publisher hasn’t revealed many details about the port, we decided to take a fond look back at the game to give you an idea what to expect.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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JsonHenry3290d ago

One of the things I HATED about this game at the arcade was that when you used your characters super powers it took away life. And wolverine never healed. :(

Maybe they will release the Spiderman arcade games that let you play as the Submariner and Hawkeye as well?

redDevil873290d ago

that spider-man game was so much fun

havethumbs3290d ago

Does anyone know if this is the same game that was later on the Genesis? I'll be buying this either way but I spent so many hour playing the genesis version.


lightningsax3290d ago

Nope. The X-Men Arcade Game was never brought to consoles back in its heyday. The Genesis got their own interesting games, not the arcade game.

Also, there are quite a few X-Men games for the Genesis. Do you mean the original X-Men, The Clone Wars, or (yeesh) Adamantium Rage?

THE TRUTH3290d ago

1st day buy I loved this game in the arcades

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