Square Answers CGI Versus XIII Trailer Allegations

Square Enix has spoken about the recently released TGS 2010 trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and answered allegations that it was completely CGI.

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Godmars2903293d ago

Does Sqaure's word mean anything at this point?

despair3293d ago

when it comes to game graphics, then Square Enix can be trusted, minus the whole PS3/Xbox screenshot incident and the other shortcomings of FFXIII, the game shows some of the best in game graphics ever.

Godmars2903293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

They want to people to trust them, if they want their fans to trust them, then they seriously need to do away with closed door viewings. Premiering FFXIII gameplay that first looked like it played like Kingdom Hearts, with Lightning taking on group of guards and monsters complete with a HUD, to what was eventually released.

Exactly how with such an example like that is anyone expected to believe that vsXIII's final gameplay will be anything close to what's only being half hinted from a trailer that Square had no original intent to publicly show?

@iamtehpwn & AngryFork
The "debate" is weather or not Square can be taken at their word when there are several examples that they can't.

Sarcasm3293d ago

I wonder what they will say about the 360 version?

Shikoro3293d ago

I hope there won't be anything for them to say about the 360 version because I have a good feeling that this game could be really good.

It's already been confirmed that it's gonna have everything fans wanted in XIII so it should be better than it (not that I have anything against FFXIII, in fact I'm really enjoying it when I'm playing...)


MadMan003293d ago

Shikoro are you stupid? SE talks out of there ass ALL THE TIME.

IF you knew anything at all about making games you would know 360 had NOTHING to do with how bad XIII was they have been working on the game for many years you think they made last minute changes to completely change the game? Of course not it's not even possible considering on how long it took to make it, PS3 fanboys have brain washed so many people that unaware on things actually work when it require only a little common knowledge to know there fucking morons.

Member when SE said XIII was for ps3 only? It would be a miracle if this game didn't come to 360, SE wants MONEY and Multi-Plat form GIVES them money...Who says no to basically Free or just MORE money? No one.

Godmars2903293d ago

How many does it have to be said that by "confirmed" you mean to say that Square is offhandedly mentioning it interviews, not actually promising much less showing anything, at a time when Square's word, their commitment to quality, has come under question.

That somehow the people defending them are the same people who want vsXIII as multiplatform, yet have no concept how much of a contradiction that is.

If FFXIII had come out as it had with a 360 port announced the day the PS3 version was sold, there wouldn't be an augment about its development being effected. As it was with announcement made over a year before, with Square being tight-lipped yet hyping the damn thing, content working getting cut, there will always be a shadow of doubt. And they're only repeating that process with vsXIII.

radphil3293d ago


"If FFXIII had come out as it had with a 360 port announced the day the PS3 version was sold, there wouldn't be an augment about its development being effected."

Well that actually goes for any game when you think about it. If a game is made multiplatform from Day 1, that means they need close to double the resources to work on 2 platforms to make it out on date. Where as if they put one platform, then the next, that means the same team can focus on one platform, and then onto the next, with essentially the same amount of resources.

darksied3293d ago

I seriously hope you're joking. FF13 does NOT have "some of the best in game graphics ever." It's pretty good, but nothing special. And I'm talking about the ps3 version. Some close to launch titles for the ps3 had much better graphics.

Millah3293d ago

I'm not defending Square, but aside from the close up of his face, the rest is clearly real time footage. It's really not hard to tell CG apart from real time. Seeing the animations is enough.

evrfighter3293d ago

SE's number one priority nowadays seems to be graphics first. Everything else whenever.

They need to get called out on this stuff by you guys. However all they see are the fanboys convincing themselves that VS is going to be omgAHSUM! because it's not ps3 only...

you already saw what they did to an FF title on the platform with no limits... complete and utter failure

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Vivi3293d ago

The trailer has technically been altered from how the game really is.

Nomura revealed that the battle scene at the end was slowed down for the trailer.

Also he removed the other party members and battle menu/interfaces so they don't give too much away.

Sarick3293d ago

That lead guy looks sort of like Zak or a relative. The world also looks sorta like the FF7 universe post apocalypse IMHO. Holding back for the fans just brings more attention to it. It looks really good and I'm impressed so far, I wasn't so much for ff13 even before all the multi controversy.

iamtehpwn3293d ago

While the in-game graphics are beautiful, if you guys thought that was CGI, you were all blind. Real time graphics still do not have anything on high quality CGI if you have a technical eye.

When Noctis was standing by the Fence however, that was definitely CGI.

AngryFork3293d ago

Exactly. I can't believe this is even a debate. You can clearly see the difference between the CGI (the beginning) and the gameplay, when he's walking around.

Whoever thought the walking around part was CGI is an idiot. It looks a little better than FF13 graphics which were gorgeous on their own. You can hate Square for various other stuff but graphics is something they still are amazing at.

baodeus3293d ago

yeah i thought it was clear as night and day which one is gameplay and which one is CGI. IS SE trying to hype it up beyond what it should be......i don't know.

darksied3293d ago

It's clear, like you said, but nowadays people will try to attack or poke fun of Square any chance they get. And they are right to do it; until square starts to make quality games again, I'm going to be critical of them just like everybody else :)

For example: WAS THAT TRAILER LESS THAN 30 [email protected]!??

coolfool3293d ago

If I was Square I would take this debate as a complement. When people say your in-game graphics are CGi then you know you're doing well.

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40cal3293d ago

I'm pumped for this game. I don't really don't care why the haters hate. VS XIII looks to be amazing to me.

Looking forward to Agito XIII also.

The Rock Bottom3293d ago

You don't know why the haters hate!? You for real sir!? What? You been living under a rock or something. SE has been leak'n (trip'n)out since their little love affair with MS. Everything SE says or does is questionable.

Heisenberg3293d ago

But Versus is looking pretty awesome, maybe they're gonna finally get the series back on track... Fuck wouldn't that be awesome? I hope they go big on this one, cause another dud FF would be enough to turn me off of it indefinitely. But I have high hopes for Versus....

Megaton3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Means absolutely nothing. They lie about exclusivity, they lie about shooping 360 buttons onto PS3 screens, they'll certainly lie about anything else that blows their way.

tinybigman3293d ago

i can't believe people can't tell the difference in that trailer. it's obvious the beginning is CGI while the rest is in game. the two doesn't even match in quality.

3293d ago
dredgewalker3293d ago

At this point I don't care what Square can do with graphics! Give me a solid game that has depth and not just shallow combat system and story! I hated FF13 honestly. I don't care if it's multiplat as long as Square can deliver.

tacosRcool3293d ago

Better than Rare's word. At least this studio makes decent games rather than pure crap

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RedGr3mlin3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

that i wish that it only come to ps3.
Couse i saw the visuall difference in FFXIII and it wosent fun knowing that ps3 could have done so much better. =(

So i wish that it only comes to ps3 couse then we would see a final fantasy that would be magic on ps3.

IF THEY DONT do it, then i will probebly not by the game any more and stop thinkin that the old squar soft anda from when GAMES was 4 GAMERS and nott monney from greedy companies like MS =/

So then i will probebly not by the game, and instead whait 4 the Deamon Souls 2 aka. project dark.
But its sad that if so one of the best rollplaying game in sony history is now gone 4 ever.

colonel1793293d ago

Yeah, people need to stop thinking/hoping to have SquareSoft quality games from Square Enix anymore. SquareSoft doesn't exist, and it was ruined when were bought by Enix. Adding to that, Wada, is just won' happen.

This generation Square Enix sucks, that's the truth, and until they starting proving with their games, attitude, and response to fans, that they have changed, people just need to stop caring about this company.

I just wish Nomura would quit the company and go to some place better

DOMination3293d ago

Project Dark is coming to 360

Imperator3293d ago

I really hope they keep it as hard as Demon's Souls was. I have a feeling their gonna make it easier to suit the 360 audience. Just like FFXIII has an easy mode on the 360. Unfortunately, most 360 owners are preteen whiny kids who don't like to try hard at anything.

despair3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

wow why the hell would you get disagrees for stating a fact, the official website list Xbox as one of the platforms...damn N4G is getting more and more ridiculous.


Nah they won't,one of the big appeals of the game is the difficulty, they cant call it DS2 because I believe Sony owns the IP but now they get the chance at a larger market when you count the x360, remember DS was just for Japan initially so its kinda counter productive to make it for a console that barely sold there. Now it will get world wide release so why not more than one console.

wissam3293d ago

They will make it easier.with check point and stuff.

despair3293d ago


I hope not, that would ruin the feel of the game, that tension that someone or something can kill you, you lose all your souls and you start back at the beginning keeps you on edge. Keep it the same exact way but making it larger in scale and even more terrifying to play.

Army_of_Darkness3293d ago

I agree with you completely bro!..... But I can't help but notice how bad your spelling is!! LOL!:P

Eamon3293d ago

"I have a feeling their gonna make it easier to suit the 360 audience."

ROFL, what ass did you get that from?

DatNJDom813293d ago

Sorry, but the reality of this generation is that the 360 is holding, what coulda been a great generation of games, back. I know ill get disagrees but its the truth. I'll use ffxiii as an example. Just look at it on both systems. Lots of stuff cut out to make it fit on 360. Whatever Project Dark is, its definitely no Demon's Souls.

mirroredderorrim3293d ago

But not Demon's Souls 2. Project Dark is something else. Besides. Sony owns the Demon's Souls IP.

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3293d ago
Gue13293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I haven't seen a single person saying that the entire trailer was CGI and I post on Gamepost, IGN, Kotaku, etc. In fact, many people has been saying that the game doesn't looks that much better then FFXIII graphically.

goosepoose3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

my boy all, you need is n4g. forget the rest

Noct3293d ago

I dunno if you compare the footage to the open bit of Pulse the cliff and ground textures already look noticeably better at the games current stage. Not to mention there seems to be variable lightning with the whole cloud physics night and day changes.

Oh and the animation of Noctis body and cloth physics are a step up.

despair3293d ago

too little is seen to do a proper analysis on how it compares graphically to FFXIII

RedGr3mlin3293d ago

YEs but that game is all about Gameplay then gfx.
THere you have the diffeculty <- spelling? and the gameplay makin that game awesome.... imo

Though if it was a question?
Then yes its comin to 360 to, and i am happy it does so the 360 players may play one of what i think a 3xA rpg tittle.

RedGr3mlin3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

First of all it does look a little bit same, though it looks the same as FFXIII where the game IS NOW, and its in beta, or even maybe alpha now.

ANd + that this game will have full physix in it, there have NEVER been a FF title with a full physic engine, except FFXIII but i think that wasent full physix or was it? correct me if i am wrong here.

Have we ever seen a FF title where where the wind move the grass like in flower?, or that real waves in the water hitt the stones and throw up water, or where the cloth are natural done, and so on, look closley on his jacket when jumping towars the monster in ending.

See his jacket? that is what i am talkin about.