8 Ways Afford this Holiday’s Video Games (Without Shopping at Gamestop)

EX: "But before you go knock over a bank, refinance your house, find a second job, or rack up credit card debt, consider using the following options to save serious money and still be able to play some of the hottest games of 2010."

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Urmomlol3290d ago

Gamestop is the devil. I'd just as soon give my games away than let them rape me in the butt by giving me shit for my trade in's.

A Cupcake for Gabe3290d ago

I remember as a kid, I loved GameStop cause the only people who worked at EB games was old retarded business men. GS was small but had gamers behind the counter who knew their stuff. But fast forward a few years and you see GS grows, then a couple years ago, GameStop bought out every single other gamestore in the region. Now there are no game stores other than Gamestop in most areas. The kid grew up to be the sith lord, sad really.

OhReginald3290d ago

whoa gamestop was still called gamestop when you were a kid?

When I was a kid it was called Funcoland...

zeeshan3290d ago

I am seriously considering Gamefly but I want to go for their most basic package which is around $15/month. Now, can any Gameflyers please tell me if the service is worth it? Do they take forever to ship the game. I am located in Houston, TX so if someone in Houston could please share their experience as I heard that Gamefly's service can differ depending on your city.

akiraburn3290d ago

@zeeshan, I've used Gamefly before and I have a few thoughts on the matter. With Gamefly, if you were planning to get it, you definitely should get the deal that gives you 2 games out at a time. Depending on where you live, it can take over a week to get a new game in after you send the old one in. Having 2 games at a time at least gives you more chance to still have a game.

The benefits to Gamefly, is that they have a massive selection of games, and even some of the more niche titles they will carry. the downside is that their games can end up being in very limited quantities, which can mean very long wait times for the games you really want to play, and the amount of time it takes from when you send a game back to them to when you get a new game that they have in medium to high availability can be anywhere from a week to two weeks depending on where you live.

As an alternative, there is something similar that Blockbuster does called the "Gamepass". Basically it's the same premise, only that instead of sending games in somewhere, you will go directly into Blockbuster to switch them. It's only 1 game at a time (unless you want to pay a decent amount more for 2 games), but because you can go directly there to switch out games, you shouldn't need more than 1 out at a time. It's very convenient, and generally speaking I have found this to be the better service. The only downside you should be aware of however, is that they generally have less variety (many less niche titles).

In addition, you can get the "Combo Pass" instead of just the Gamepass, which will allow you to get either a movie or a game out, and it's the exact same price (about $22/month). I hope this has helped you some, and if you have any other questions, I'll try and help answer the best I can.

A Cupcake for Gabe3290d ago

Big issue I have with GameStop is they have a monopoly on preorder DLC. You want the best preorder bonuses, GS has it. Which sucks. Nit that preorder bonuses are as good as they were 10 years ago.

EX) inFamous's gigablade were GS preorder DLC for almost a year before is was available to everyone elae

jukins3290d ago

amazon has been getting exclusive dlc for a lot of titles recently as well

DirtyLary3290d ago


Bestbuy and their $30.00 in gift certificates beats out GS pre-order.

akiraburn3290d ago

Like Jukins said, Amazon has been getting a lot of exclusive DLC as well, and in addition to the DLC, they have been offering a lot of Amazon gift cards with the purchases. Castlevania had a $20 gift card, Medal of Honor has a $20 gift card, and a lot of other upcoming games have between $10 and $20 in gift cards.

My best suggestions for buying games:

For used games, use a combination of Gamefly and GoHastings. Both of them seem to always give you the original case and manual, and the games I've received from them have always been in good condition. For new games, I generally use Amazon, since I never end up paying full price due to all the gift cards, and same-day shipping is only $1. That's my thoughts anyway.

tehk1w13290d ago

I just traded in my copy of Halo Reach and they offered me like $30 for it. I was like lol wtf and gave it to my friend instead. Bunch of thieves.

gamingdroid3290d ago will give you $39 last I checked.

DirtyLary3290d ago

Why rip yourself off if you are going to buy a game for $60.00?

Just rent.

MAG_SVER3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )


so my friend called & told me that BestBuy is having crazy sales at this moment, something like a Thanksgiving Day Discounts. I decided to check it out

and what do you know I found Splinter Cell Conviction for $19.99 & also FF13(Ps3) for $29.99. I called FutureShop & asked them if they will beat the price which they said yes & with an additional 10% discount.

So what I did was call EBGames/Gamestop & asked how much are the trade in values for each games. They told me $30 each, lol this is where I scammed the scam artist(EBGames/Gamestop).

I went to FutureShop & bought (2)Splinter Cell Conviction for $17.54 each & FF13(Ps3) for $26.77, prices reduced due to additional $10% discount. I then went to EBGames/Gamestop & Sold (2)Splinter Cell Conviction for $30 each & then used that $60 to pre-order Gran Turismo 5.

So I made around $25 from EBGames/Gamestop & only actually paid about $30 for Gran Turismo from my pocket.

I'm a genius, I'm EBGames/Gamestop worst
Guys & do check the link I provided, it is legit & do what I did.


Ohh yeah I also took out the "Ghost Recon Future Soldier" beta voucher from both cases, lol.. me sooooo BAD

gamingdroid3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

If you make at least $20/hour and you add tax plus any cost for gas (if applicable), then you really did save much.

MAG_SVER3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

@gamingdroid, what the F, are you a shopping analyst.

Before you jump to conclusion, how about you have thoughts of .. "Does he live by the mall, that has all these Stores in one Area".

How about you STFU & think before you speak, & don't judge/comment shyt you don't know about.

And by the way, I do IT work Network Administrator OK, but will not look at a deal & leave it.. so again STFU.
Oh yeah & I walked to the Mall, I'm not a lazy ass like you probably is, so I saved GAS..

You happy, stupid kids jumping to conclusion like they The Great Boudini. How about you go do some school homework.

And YES I DID SAVE, how the hell you going to tell me I didn't save, when everything you said was just a "Jealous Speech".

Go Pay Full Price!!!

gamingdroid3289d ago

I didn't assume anything. I simply put forward a scenario to point out that many people drive around town and do a lot of work to save a few bucks. More often than not, they are earning next to nothing for their time.

Based on your angry and assumption based comment, I must say that the mature person here isn't you considering you are:

- telling people they are jealous?
- using more or less profanity and all around rude
- telling people to shut up because you don't have a better retort
- assumed the other party is a student

By the way, most of my stuff is bought on sale. For instance, I recently bought a Halo: Reach Limited Edition console for less $300. So no, I don't pay full price of everything and I haven't done so for video games in ages.

I suggest you read carefully what I said and notice the "if" with a calm mind.

No apology needed! ;)

poopnscoop3290d ago

That's what you get for being an idiot and trying to trade in the best game ever made.

lolcatz3290d ago

Gamestop is the biggest rip off ever. Just buy your games from Amazon. No tax, great shipping w/ Prime, gift cards, etc.

MMFGaming3290d ago

College students get a year of Amazon Prime for free. Recommend you look into it. Great deal IMO.

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