gamrFeed Holiday Buying Guide: Xbox 360

gamrFeed makes sure you have all the information you could possibly need when shopping for your Xbox 360-playing loved ones this holiday season.

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Braineater24483295d ago

NBA 2K11 should really be on that list. One of the best sports games I've ever played. And I dont even usually play sports games.

naznatips3295d ago

Lol NBA. No one cares about them anymore.

Rubang3295d ago

No way. NBA Jam is the #1 basketball game OF THE DECADE. Every decade. Even if they take out the online from the Wii version, and all the other good parts from the Xbox version. The franchise is still heating up.

naznatips3295d ago

Too much stuff, not enough money. Frankly I'm so overwhelmed with choices I'm not getting any of them. Buying them used later for $20 ftw.

Kantor3295d ago

The inclusion of Your Shape was slightly questionable, but otherwise, good list.

Spectator13294d ago

I completely disagree with my fellow Collosus, he does not speak for us all.

bmw693295d ago

Fable, Fallout and Black Ops are top on my list...

Bigpappy3295d ago

It might even be the best in 1st week sales. I think Dance Central and Your Shape both have longer legs though.

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