Saying Goodbye

I’ve never had trouble saying goodbye. Not to a video game, anyway. The idea sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? I mean, here I am, talking about Persona 4 as if it involved real people and events. I even feel slightly embarrassed talking about this, about virtual people who were written for me. People who are there to be taken advantage of, a means to an end, a way to further my power in-game. Bits and pieces of information meant to relay a human relationship. And yet there I was, watching that cutscene, with actual tears running down my face.

Sometimes, you just don't want to say goodbye.

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Cloudberry3295d ago

That's a good thing if you're engrossed in it's story.

Amusingly, I encountered similar feelings on other gamers in reviews, message boards, etc.

Not just Persona 4, Persona 3 too have the same syndrome, lol.

It goes for showing that ATLUS did a great job with P3 & 4.

Hopefully, Catherine would be as good, no matter how weird the game is.