Split Screen: The future in your hand


Smart phones are quickly enveloping the functions of many portable devices. In addition to being phones, they are also cameras, GPS navigators, music players, photo albums, and portable computers.

Our phones are also becoming lucrative game platforms. Mobile games tend toward the more disposable casual end of the spectrum - fun distractions for a wait in the doctor’s office and little more - but they are only going to get more sophisticated, immersive, and powerful in the future.

This leads me to wonder if the age of the dedicated handheld gaming device is coming to an end. With phones becoming more and more powerful gaming machines, will there be a place in the future for machines that only play games, or will such devices start to look like throwbacks?

I spoke to a couple of prominent Melbourne iPhone game developers to get their views.

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IrishYamato3300d ago

I think the PSP2 will have an Android based OS, especially since Sony and Google are best buddies now.