How to be an A-hole in Battlefield Bad Company 2

An article that summarizes all the flaws of Battlefield Bad Company 2 -- and how you can exploit them.

The article explains how to annoy your team mates, be completely useless, how to punish campers (yes, we all hate them) and more.

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captain-obvious3295d ago

use alot of C4

Game-ur3295d ago

The most annoying for me is:

-Medics walking over their teammate's body without reviving them

-Engineers hiding behind a damaged tank and not fixing it

-Begging assault class for ammo and getting ignored

-Get called a noob by someone who ends up in the bottom of the score list

-Hearing your teammate's breath thru the mice, who doesn't talk the whole game.

-My teammate stealing my tank as I fix it, and runs straight over an anti-tank mine

vickers5003295d ago

-Seeing a team mate standing right next to a crate with an explosive charge going off, not even attempting to defuse it and is only going for kills, while I sacrifice myself like 5 times trying to defuse it and revive my fellow team mates around me, only to have them go lone wolf and not give a sh*t about the objective.

visualb3295d ago

more like -

- People ignoring Mine warnings and driving stupidly

- people who accidentally destroy M-COM buildings because they misuse explosives

- ignorant medics engineers and ammo suppliers

- retarded scouts that DON'T SPOT!! ="$#!*$ "#?*GODF

- team mates that ALL PICK SCOUT....pu$$ies

DasBunker3295d ago

i LMAO at that sniper camper vid ,,,

just got done playing BC2.. one of the best shooters this gen,

3295d ago
murcielago43294d ago

@Game-ur & vickers500 & visualb

i know what yall mean, same shit happens to me, i try to do my best as a medic or any other class, i hate being a sniper so i try to avoid that class as much as possible. i usually play hardcore so i'm gonna add asshole teammates that go around killing their own teammates to your list.

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mynameisdi3295d ago

But that doesn't really mess up the gameplay, does it?

dirthurts3295d ago

Some people are just jerks.

PR0X13295d ago

That camp after they need to move up. is the biggest pos in BFBC2.

DoucheVader3294d ago

You know I use C4 all the time, mostly on the ATV. Great way to buzz in and take down the objective. I only use C4 on the UAV when I need an Ace in the hole. You still need 3 people to take down an objective with C4+UAV.

@GAME-UR - It is nearly impossible to see a friendly who is down after a few seconds. I try to revive people all the time and they just disappear too quickly. On MAG it is very easy to see a downed friendly. If they are on your squad you can see where they are through solid items (like walls). If they are on the same team they will still be highlighted when you see them. "Hearing your teammate's breath thru the mice, who doesn't talk the whole game." OMG that is the freaking worst. Mouth breathers with mics who never talk!

frostypants3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I stand in front of camping snipers all the time, especially when they're scoping out a flag point and making no effort to take it.

I then mark them with a smoke grenade to attract enemy attention.

They're the a**holes, not me.

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GLoRyKnoT3295d ago

isn't that pleasant. all shapes & sizes:P

Terarmzar3295d ago

i hate medics who just sit in one spot waiting for people, and what makes it worse is there guns don't have to reload as often so they just keep on shooting

spektical3295d ago

i know its legit.. but god i hate great choppers.. ther just about impossible to bring down

i wished DICE made stronger AA guns, or maybe made a laser of sorts to target the choppers.

Rauland3295d ago

They made the tracer darts go faster and now everybody uses the blackhawks as suicide bombers.

IaMs123295d ago

I love shooting down choppers with the homing missile launcher, its actually quite easy just need lead the chopper then BAM easy points! :)

genocidegeneral2153295d ago

all this does is give pricks ideas ¬¬

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