Exposing 3D and Kinect

StellarFlux Writes "I went to the Eurogamer Expo this weekend, for two main reasons. Firstly, I wanted to judge the 3D of Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 for myself. I don't think I'll be able to afford a 3D TV anytime soon, so I wanted to see whether the hype was worth it and it truly was. The moment when I (accidentally) switched to the in-car view on Gran Turismo 5 was a real 'woah...!' moment for my friend and I (the exact moment is captured on camera to the right)".

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3294d ago
Chaostar3294d ago

There is truly something great about 3D and games. The two technologies fit together so well and add a depth, which not only looks amazing, but actually helps you to judge distance in game.

3D TVs are already starting to drop in price and the plasma ones are in a average consumer friendly zone right now, 50" for < £1000 @ Currys. If you still just think it's a gimmick then by all means pass as 3D is an option but for the people that are willing to give it a go it can add a sense of immersion in great gaming moments that nothing else can achieve yet.

I've said all I need to about Kinect today so I won't comment further here.


i agree and after having a couple of instore demos of 3dtv with vids of 3d games playing i can say im sold. just gutted i have to wait till after xmas untill i can get one

Chaostar3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Yeah but on the plus side they might be included in some January sales ;P also there should be a lot more content by then, not to mention Killzone 3 right round the corner.

@slugboss so you aren't going to enjoy any new gaming experiences until holodecks are invented in stardate 12345.69? Also why bring up motion gaming? Tumble is the only game I can think of that currently uses motion plus 3D together and it's a brilliant experience.

rockleex3294d ago

As each manufacturer gets their TV's refresh rates up, it will naturally allow them to do 3D... so why WOULDN'T they if their TV's capable of doing it?

Within the next five years, you won't be able to find any HDTV that are non-3D at any store you go to.

Heck, you can't even find SDTVs anymore.

multipayer3294d ago

3D and Motion gaming go together, because they have nowhere near reached full potential and are currently rubbish in my honest opinion. I'd wait for the holodeck on star trek...

ReBurn3294d ago

Your sarcasm is quite funny, but you make a good point. I'm starting to realize the potential that 3D and motion control have when paired together. Each technology on its own will probably see a lot of gimmicky applications. But to pair them and to use your body in a 3D space to interact with a virtual world could be a phenomenal experience, like a sort of virtual reality.

LightofDarkness3294d ago

I have to disagree, after demoing GT5 and a few other titles, 3D just isn't that great. It's not a game changer, a must-have or a awe-inspiring marvel of modern technology. It's cool, and an overall enjoyable effect, but nowhere near the level that some people seem to be hyping it up to be.

It is, for now at least, truly a gimmick. And one clearly designed so that you'll buy your expensive HDTV all over again. Perhaps some others will enjoy it more, I don't know, but this is not for me. Not yet.

Ps_alm3k3294d ago

but the same can be said for SD, HD, and from black and white to color tv.
It's just the price that keep it from going mainstream standard.
Everything is a gimmick until you have money to purchase it.

seinfan3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


HD got better. Color did as well. It's not simply the price tag that's deterring consumers, but it's one of the reasons why.

The reason why it's a gimmick is because the technology is in its infancy and companies are milking it.

wsoutlaw873293d ago

just because you dont like a feature doesnt make it a gimmick

thorstein3294d ago

One way or the other. Let it go. Sony nor Microsoft are going to reward you guys with free games/ passes/ DLC or systems.

Give it a rest.

raztad3294d ago

What are you talking about?

On topic: So judging by that "whoa" moment, 3D GT5 really impressed those guys. The big gaming press love to downplay PS3 3D offerings but I have seen previews from regular gamers that seem to be honestly impressed. I think I have to give it a try by myself.

acky13294d ago

At least kinect seems to be functioning properly. Would be ridiculous if some of the problems we've heard in the past weren't ironed out before release.

Biggest problem I have with kinect is the pricing (along with the limits of the games)...way, way too expensive for a controller. Has to be well under a £100 for it to be a sound purchase.

King-Leonidas3294d ago

hahaha It's not a controller, it's a gadget/acessory

acky13294d ago

...used to control games (i.e. a controller).

King-Leonidas3294d ago

but there's the funny thing about Kinect- You dont control...

vhero3294d ago

erm did you read it?
"So I think my impressions were that the tech works, but the games - Adventures, Joy Ride and Sports were the ones that I tried - were poor at best. We only tried the river rafting on Adventures, which just didn't work. Our Avatars seemed to be leaning and jumping within reasonable time but the raft itself didn't turn or jump as you would expect, or even hope it would do. "

They seem to really dislike Kinect for even the Kinect games and would prefer a real controller..

acky13294d ago

yep i read it.

They didn't like the games which is subjective but the tech was working which is fact. Was just pointing that out so it might get less stick for being a broken device (as I was quick to judge from the articles we saw and past experience with microsoft).

I still don't think the games will ever be any good without those crazy new 'button' things being developed right now though.

BrutallyBlunt3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

"Despite the dimly-lit environment, the crowd of people queuing behind the players, and me changing from black jumper to bright blue T-shirt halfway through (yes, I worked up a sweat) the camera had no problem distinguishing between the two players and the noisy background. I'm pretty sure we were closer than six feet to the TV as well.

I think that all the bad press about Kinect so far is unjustified."

There you have it. Someone who actually tried it and one who is trying to dispel all of those rumor junkies on the internet who would love nothing more than for this product to fail.

shadyiswin3294d ago

Like I said before the rumors only help, cause once proven not true people start to wonder what else isn't true about it. It actually works, if it didn't they wouldn't release it.

mantisimo3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

"There you have it. Someone who actually tried it and one who is trying to dispel all of those rumor junkies on the internet who would love nothing more than for this product to fail".

I was also there playing all these games and a rumour monger I am not.
Kinect as he said works, but only in the way eyetoy did.

Old tech rehashed and the promises are NOT fulfilled.

When You have actually tried these tedious mini games then come back and tell me I'm wrong ( I'm very open to being proved wrong)

Move was pretty similar the games are shovelware some enjoyable for a while others not so. But at the least the tech works and with "buttons" then the "shooters/hardcore" option is at least there.

I am not dissing a product because of fanboyism, rather that I do not want people to waste their money as early adopters of something no one will enjoy for more than a few days.

BrutallyBlunt3294d ago

How am i able to prove you wrong when
a) i haven't tried it
b) it's not out yet?

Now let's talk about what is available, the Move. I not only tried it i bought it. Do you not remember some of the fear mongering surrounding that device too pre-launch like lighting conditions and calibration issues? Needless to say i have used it at night with hardly any lighting to no lighting. The Eye camera does not display properly but it still tracks without a hitch. It is after all old technology as you put it. The image is still grainy with good lighting but the Move controller is very accurate. I have also used it less than 6 feet and more than 10 feet from my HDTV. Not in the prime area it suggests all the time.

Yes, the Move software so far has been, shall we say, lackluster? It does work though and the software will only get better.

Now back to Kinect, Your Shape looks promising as does Dance Central. Sure those games may not be to your liking but that doesn't mean Kinect doesn't work. It just means the launch line-up caters to a different demographic. Which as i said, makes sense for Microsoft right now. This is how you sell your product to the masses, by attracting the casual consumer, not by catering to your existing userbase. Adding Move support to games like Heavy Rain and M.A.G. don't necessarily sell you more hardware, it just splits up the existing community.

So as Kinect gains more popularity developers will take more risks. Right now they are focused on body tracking even though Kinect can do a lot more. So of course the early games will be rather simple gestures but as time goes on i expect programmers to exploit it's capabilities a lot more.

As for calling Kinect old hardware i don't know of too many games that have the ability to go into split-screen as soon as another person steps into view and recognizes who you are. I also don't know of too many game consoles that allow you to interact with video playback through your voice. Or any device that tracks this many parts of the human body. Take Gladiator Duel for example on Sports Champions. What exactly is it tracking aside where the Move controller is located? Does it track you while you play or just your sword and shield? What about that fighting game Lights Out or that fighting game that shows you? Isn't it in 2D, not 3D? Why is that, is it because the Eye camera can only track in 2D?

"I do not want people to waste their money as early adopters of something no one will enjoy for more than a few days."

And who are you to tell anyone what to buy? Hundreds of thousands of people buy Wii's every month, do you tell them not to buy one as well? Get over yourself, you have no idea what people want.

shadow27973294d ago

"Adding Move support to games like Heavy Rain and M.A.G. don't necessarily sell you more hardware, it just splits up the existing community. "

I hate to be technical, but the Move controller(s) and the Kinect camera are hardware. So adding Move support to hardcore games does sell hardware, just not consoles. It also helps sell the games (Move owners will want something to play). I don't see how Sony wouldn't be happy with that.

While market share is important to these companies, in the end, they're in the business to make money. Existing consumers or new consumers, money is money. And if the hardcore like it, they'll tell they're less core friends and it will spread.

Just my .02

vhero3294d ago

Yeah but now they finally got the Kinect working to a workable degree of accuracy the games seem to blow chunks.

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