3DS Will Stream Movies and TV Shows?

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has said that he hopes to make the 3DS huge!

Game Adrenaline reveals some info where Nintendo talks about the possibility of streaming movies and TV shows.

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wat6342983d ago

If this is true, than I will certainly buy the 3DS.

kytro3602983d ago

Definitely! I would get my hands on it the first day it comes out

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R2D22983d ago

Nintendo is NO.1 when it comes to starting trends - We can wait on the what a dumb move and it will never take off only to say the opposite when Sony and MS do it.

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jay22983d ago

I'm already buying this, I do see it happerning and if I can stream to my TV over my wirelss network, that'll be fantastic.

kytro3602983d ago

Yup it would be amazing!

XboxOrphan2983d ago


kytro3602983d ago

Im not sure. It might be that or maybe they cut a deal directly through the movies and tv shows

Terarmzar2983d ago

never really thought about buying 3ds before, but umm how long is the battery life on the current ds already out?

kytro3602983d ago

I think a few hours. I think 8 or 9 max with the light low

Close_Second2983d ago

....but I definitely won't be getting one. I have purchased 3 DS Lites over the past 2 years and each one of them has failed. All 3 stopped reading cartridges and one just stopped working entirely and is not even powering up!

People harp on about the 360 failure rate but in my household the DS has had a 100% failure rate.

And before you ask, its nothing to do with mistreatment as the units were being well looked after.

kytro3602983d ago

But those consoles are old. The 3DS is a completely new system, you cant knock it till you try it

Matthew942983d ago

" you cant knock it till you try it"

people dont seem to think that with kinect although it does look crap

Close_Second2983d ago

...if I do end up trying the 3DS it won't be at its release price point. Its set to sell for over $500 in New Zealand. Thats more than a Wii or 360!

DNAbro2983d ago

i have never had a DS break before. My first DS's battery power died because i played it so much.

Viddharto2983d ago

What the heck were you doing to them? My DS Lite is 4 years old and it still works perfectly.

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The story is too old to be commented.