New modes and improved matchmaking for Killzone 3

Steven Ter Heide of Guerrilla Games was answering questions on Killzone 3 at the Eurogamer Expo last week, and he revealed some interesting news regarding Killzone 3.

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Motorola2983d ago

yep :D im really interesting in the PS move servers

Apocwhen2983d ago

KZ2 had the best Clan support system I have seen in a console game. I can't wait for KZ3 and it's MP. Gonna be great.

falloutx2983d ago

KILLZONE 2 clans are awesome, I wonder if our KZ2 clan will cary over to KZ3 or if we have to join them again.

Chuk_Chuk2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I agree

Guerrilla warfare sounds amazing.

King-Leonidas2983d ago

am i the only one interested in SP more than MP?

vickers5002983d ago

I'm pretty sure the majority of people play Killzone 2 for the multiplayer, I could be wrong though. I finished the campaign once and never had the urge to complete it again.

Chuk_Chuk2983d ago

I'm interested in both. but there is only limited info they can give on the SP with out giving away spoliers

redsquad2983d ago

No, I always favour SP campaigns.

Krew_922983d ago

I enjoyed the SP more in Killzone 2, although I did love the MP portion too. No MP match ever captured the same setting as the SP campaign!
- On a side note, can you copy saved data now? It was really annoying when I got a new Playstation 3 Slim I had to start all over again, because it was copy-right protected!

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dangert122983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

They need to be careful though as this could kill the hole rank up system and very fast

but cant wait to play it

Jac5al2983d ago

Not really more than mp, but I'm interested in seeing how the story unfolds.

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AKissFromDaddy2983d ago

is a 24hr TDM mode. Awesome!

Philoctetes2983d ago

I would think that a 24 hour TDM would get super-lopsided after a couple of hours, and it would be hard to get players to join the losing side. I hope I'm wrong about that though. Sounds sensational if they can get the balance right.

Def Warrant2983d ago

Awesome stuff. Can't wait till this gem drops. I'll be all over it like some titties.

cloudfights2983d ago

yeah they should just restrict lower ranked players from playing high ranked ones ,balance was a huge issue in killzone 2 love the game though, best fps ever created in my opinion,looking forward to this one

redDevil872983d ago

Nice to see they've changed the party system, nice one GG.

The 24 hour match just sounds crazy o_o ... you can imagine one asshole pulling out a RPG and turning the game to shit lol.

scar202983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

My friend thats y you pull out your rpg and backfire at them i say u wanna play with fire you gonna get burned.

redDevil872983d ago


That happened to me in KZ2 once. Me and some random guy started just going for eachother with RPGs in one game lol. Managed to get 100 points in that match, was very happy.

mrcash2983d ago

yup but then you have a boring ass rpg match that never ends and while it can be fun to dick around with your friends it gets really annoying when everyone is doing it.

nickjkl2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

rpgs dont one shot anymore they are mostly going to be used for support as in taking out mechs and airbots i hope people cant make 24 hour death match modes because thats all theirs going to be

just like now most of what you see is radec which is annoying

MidnytRain2983d ago

I usually like playing deathmatch as it is the easiest to have fun if you're not squaded up. But because of this, I'm almost always playing in the Radec Academy because I don't have many other options to choose from.

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