Steam vs MS divide is 'hurting PC industry' - Gearbox

Gearbox has called on Microsoft and Valve to fix the incompatibility between titles purchased via Games For Windows and Steam.

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NYC_Gamer3294d ago

MS just needs to leave alone pc gaming all together

ProjectVulcan3294d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Microsoft can make GFWL work if they invest a bunch of cash. They just dont want to. I would not be complaining if more of their titles hit PC if GFWL had the sort of investment xbox live has and microsoft treated Pc as an equal rather than second rate to their console. Of course Xbox live has a solid gold revenue stream and GFWL does not, but that can be fixed. Steam shows that other streams work.

Microsoft SHOULD treat PC gamers better, because the likes of xbox only exists thanks to the core of their business, PC software. It shouldnt be Pc gamers getting short changed by microsoft, PC gamers should be the ones microsoft cuddle up to. Release games at the same time as they hit 360, make sure the developer does better than a slap dash port. Make sure they utilise the ridiculous performance advantage PC holds.

More games for windows = more copies of windows sold in the long run. They already have this huge advantage over steam in that its their software that is running most home computers- integration should be an absolute piece of piss! They have the power to standardise and unify a gaming platform on windows. Its mind boggling how crap a job they have done with regards gaming on their biggest money spinner.

Genesis53293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I don't know what it is with MS but they sure don't like anything that actually benefits the consumer. Valve likes to give away free DLC and MS won't have anything to do with that.

Adrela3293d ago

Microsoft does think about the customers, a lot, actually. They just aren't going to give stuff away for free because quite honestly, that will end up hurting your business.

Millah3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

@Adrela Its not about giving away stuff for free. It's about them gouging consumers. Nobody expects MS to give them a high five and a free copy of Halo Reach. However, if a developer releases FREE add-ons, MS sees that as a wasted potential to nickel and dime consumers. It's bad business, especially when the DEVELOPER AND PUBLISHER wishes for their content to be free. And no, that doesn't "hurt" your business. It's more costly to upset customers, especially for something as silly and cheap as a free DLC pack. Some of the most successful companies in the world have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Thats how you build a faithful customer base, who become brand loyal.

MS uses monopolies to their advantage, and pisses off consumers knowing they have no alternative. They increased the price of Live because they know users can do nothing about it. They already have established accounts on Live, with all their friends, saves, achievements, etc. And their only option to play online is to pay the extra 10 dollars. They charge for DLC on Live that Valve releases for free simply because 360 gamers have no other possible way of obtaining the content. So they either pay the price or don't get the content, and they're stuck with the 360 since they've already invested their time and money into it.

FragMnTagM3293d ago

Since when? I bought GTA4 off of Steam when it was like 7 dollars or something and it is a GFWL game. It works with out a hitch through Steam and I can sign in to GFWL using my XBOX gamertag and even chat with my friends on the XBOX while I am in GTA 4 on the PC. If that game can do it, what is the point of this article?

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AngryFork3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


It's Microsoft that's hurting the PC industry. Steam is helping it in every way. Valve is fine.

Let Microsoft get their dirty $$$-grubbing BS out of here. Nobody on PC cares about their Totalitarian Games for Windows Live Nazi crap.

Besides they're too hypocritical to care about PC gaming anyway. I remember a few weeks ago Microsoft said they wanted to do more to get back into the PC scene bla bla, and guess what they took Alan Wake away from us and have yet to put it back on PC. Screw them.

kaveti66163293d ago


cool it, there. They're only games. Just because they interest you doesn't mean you can be a mean bastard about it. Does Bob Ross scream at paint?

AngryFork3293d ago

I can't be mean towards a corporation?


y0haN3293d ago


I'm pretty sure Microsoft's feelings won't hurt too bad. Do you honestly think he shouldn't be allowed to be critical of a major games publisher on N4G?

XRider3294d ago

If MS were to ditch Games For Windows then Steam would have a monopoly and that's not good for gaming at all. All these gaming platforms like PS3, Wii, PC, 360, Mobile and even Mac are good for us all because they keeps the prices down. Unless you realy want $100 yearly services and $120 games.

AngryFork3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Steam already basically has a monopoly, and yet it's free and has better deals than any console.

So what were you saying again?

KingKiff3294d ago

What does Games for Windows Live offer anyway?????


Steam FTW

Pandamobile3294d ago

Microsoft isn't even a contender in the digital PC games market. There's like 30-50 games available on GFWL, compared to the ~1000 on Steam. Then there's D2D and GG which have a great selection too.

I don't know why a developer would even consider using GFWL over Steam.

Baka-akaB3293d ago

when microsoft gave up for a while , steam was there alone . We have yet to see any benefits from their return and concurrence with GFWL

XRider3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I'm not defending GFWL over Steam don't get me wrong. I'm defending choice for the consumer and low prices. Steam is much better IMO but if they did have a monopoly you all know the prices would go up. They could charge what ever they wanted much like Blockbuster did for years before Netflix came along. Blockbuster had a hold on movie rentals for so long they were charging $9.99 for a one night rental in my area before they went bust. I do not and assume you all don't want this to happen to gaming, the prices are high enough already. You all have a good point, I'm just watching out for my dollar.

Just saying I agree with all of you to a point. Bubbles for everyone.

"Valve's been the leader for years and they consistently give better deals than any other competitor"

Thats because ther is a competitor to keep those prices low. You're not doing a good job of convincing me.

Megaton3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Oh yeah XRider, that's been Valve's plan all along. Gabe's just waiting for GFWL to disappear then BAM! 3x price increase because they'll have a monopoly.

Back here in reality, Valve's been the leader for years and they consistently give better deals than any other competitor (if you can honestly say they have one) on the market. They're the far-and-away leader in quality, bargain prices, and selection. GFWL is a sad joke, and zero competition to Valve and Steam. Small timers like GOG are probably a bigger competitor than GFWL. At least GOG offers a quality service with their small selection of old games. Also, Impulse.

@your edit: Missed the bit in parenthesis, did we? I'd like to know who exactly is going up against Steam with enough success to "force" Valve into making these deals. There are competitors, but not really. They don't even compare. GFWL is probably at the very bottom of that list anyway.

Pandamobile3293d ago

Why do you people ask like GFW is any kind of threat or competition to Steam?

Steam's biggest competitor is Direct2Drive, then Impulse, then Games For Windows Live.

If Microsoft's digital PC game store completely disappeared, it wouldn't even make a ripple in vast digital distribution ocean.

GrilledCheeseBook3293d ago

there's Impulse, D2D, Gamersgate, GOG, for Blizzard
GFWL is insignificant compared to all competition

ZippyZapper3293d ago

Give it up XRider their all PS3 fanboys and G4WL is MS... so there is your answer. If was PSN vs Steam they would all be screaming Steam sucks.

Tony P3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

PSN vs Steam? That's odd. PSN is not trying to be a Steam competitor. There is no comparison to make. G4WL, however, is in *direct* competition with Steam.

This should be pretty obvious, I think.

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Baka-akaB3293d ago

whoever is disagreeing is a moron .

Microsoft gave up pc gaming and didnt hide it . It was steam and like minded services that revived the industry and even made MS going back to it .

JsonHenry3293d ago

I know how to fix it- Get rid of GFWL and just use STEAM. Problem solved! :)

Nihilism3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )


GFWL: lol

Steam integration into retail games sucks just as much as GFWL though.

No retail game should come with malware.

solar3293d ago

Steam is the greatest form of DRM out today. non intrusive, a lot of great features, and game sales. why do you hate Steam so much?

solar3293d ago

Steve's argument makes no sense what so ever. name a game where you cant play together no matter if you buy it from Steam, retail or GFW? oh that's right none.

im sure this is a preemptive strike for DNF to be p2p and not dedicated server based for MP. just watch....

Sez 3293d ago

That's true. When I brought warhammer dawn of war. I had to register it to my GFWL account and sign in under my live account. Yet when I get updates for it I get it throught steam.

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TABSF3294d ago

I done see where they are coming from, I have played with people on other games that don't have a Steam version

For example: I had Steam version, One guy have GfWL Version and other guy had Retail version
All versions had Games for Windows Live, the only difference was distribution.

The big problems with Games for Windows Live for gamers is that for one its BUGGY (personally never had problems but that is what people say), but the biggest problem for me is Games for Windows Live availability.

You can purchase a Games for Windows live game but if that country is not support by Microsoft you can't play online, you can use programs like Tuggle and Hamatchi but only if the game supports LAN or Dedicated Servers

Elven63293d ago

People seem to forget that Steam is a digital store and GFW/GFWL is a brand, although the two services are beginning to blur the line by trending into the others territory.

I've never had a problem with GFWL or Steam, none had ever felt like hassles asides from the DRM issues with Steam and NAT on Live.

JsonHenry3293d ago

I am NOT ragging on MS. But I have had a lot of trouble with GFWL in games like Red Faction, Batman, and recently Dead Rising 2. I get it fixed in the end and everything runs fine after that. But I have NEVER had trouble with STEAM. NEVER. Everything just works like it should with STEAM and I have been a steam user since you could pre-order HL2.

Letros3294d ago

Two Dawn of War 2 games used both Steamworks AND GFWL, the next expansion (Retribution) will only use Steamworks, I think it is pretty evident on which system is superior.

Charmers3294d ago

Well I can solve this problem in a second. All Gearbox needs to do is use the service that has the most consumers. Let's see steam has around 25 million customers and GFWL has about erm well 10 I think (yes that is sarcasm).

At the end of the day you don't need to do a retail version of your game, a gfwl version of your game and a steam version of your game. Just PICK ONE, but make sure it is the right one or you will find consumers won't have any interest in your product.

FragMnTagM3293d ago

I have had no problems with that game other than adding mods to make the graphics look better. I can sign in to GFWL after launching it from steam. I can access the Steam community while in the game, and Steam updates the game automatically.

I don't see what the problem is. If they use the same formula as GTA 4 did on PC, I don't understand what the problem would be. Best of both worlds.

SgtRock3294d ago

This "divide" is actually what is referred to in other industries as "competition" Gearbox. It forces companies to innovate and keeps prices down. Consumers like it. If Microsoft wants to be taken seriously in the PC gaming industry they need to work at it just like everybody else. Stop being pushed around by Microsoft and listen to the people who are actually buying your products, Gearbox.