Should You Be Excited For Kinect?

Platform Nation: "When I first saw Natal at Microsoft’s E3 briefing last year, I was awestruck. The possibilities seemed endless, and I just wanted to play it right there (the sure sign of a must buy). That brick breaker game, where your body has to keep the ball in play, looked like a lot of fun. And, of course, who can forget that creepy yet cute kid Milo?"

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tynam3300d ago

good article, but sadly, no, I am not excited of Natal (I refuse to call it Kinect), the tech does seem interesting so hopefully they bring out some worthwhile games in the future

HungPHATx3300d ago

I was at E3 this year and had 3 days of playing it and from what I've seen and played it's definitely slow on response , but the biggest issue besides shovelware games were the stipulations on lighting in your house , cloth your wearing , furniture and so on are a real concern. So I know on my own experience with Kinect I'm going to pass on there first attempt on motion technology

gamer78043300d ago

I played it recently and my wife and I didn't perceive any lag.

nickjkl3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

nope my 360 is broke

EDIT: if i get a disagree for that then some one is just being a ravageous fanboy

There we go

PR0X13300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

There is no reason to buy the kinect or move when there are no AAA games for it. Who wants to play medio core casual crap, not real gamers.

visualb3300d ago

wow...exciting news day!

and yes you should if you like new and ambitious tech, no if you're in it for the gaming,

niceguywii603300d ago

Not if you're a paranoid hater.

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hennessey863300d ago

i have it pre orderd and plan to get dance central(for he missus)and kinect sports, you get kinect adventures in the bundle

ndibu3300d ago

And yet 3 retards disagree with you. Maybe you don't get Kinect Adventures or maybe you haven't pre-ordered it. Or maybe they are saying you don't have a missus. But I'm guessing its coming from the same retards that buy firmware at best buy or trade their console online for sex with "nice" ladies so their reason are pretty unpredictable

Meisadragon3300d ago

you are getting annoying now.

bumnut3300d ago

I think its because you can't say anything pro microsoft on this site. You can't say you game on pc either or people respond to every comment you make with 'go play crysis then'

SeanRL3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Bumnut is completely right. The guy is happy that he is getting himself a new piece of gaming tech and you meet him with disagrees and bad attitudes. Sure Kinect isn't for everyone but I've seen it being used and it can do plenty of great things for the casual gaming market.

Edit:.....and a disagree, no intelligent comment, no backlash, just a disagree. I love this site.

commodore643300d ago


"cry more"?

wtf is wrong with you?
Gamers are having a discussion here.
If you have nothing to contribute, then don't say anything.

cereal_killa3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

then why are you here?

On topic am I excited for Kinect? Right now no! there is nothing about it that I should be getting excited for at the moment maybe in a few more years when they have a game that I would be interesting in playing. M$ was on the right track but put more money into marketing instead of the product it self by providing people quality games that are not only geared to the kids and casuals.

Babypuncher3300d ago

@ ndibu

you would probably be taken more seriously if you didn't always resort to name calling and personal attacks.

reported as offensive

KillerPwned3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

I love all consoles and PC gaming :) Its just a world of gaming plain and simple i love it each platform has something new to offer me :)

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Lou Ferrigno3300d ago

na not really excited as i am more very CURIOUS as to how it will turn out come november.. all this talk will either shut up or put up ...
i welcome competition for sony as they dont really have any atm.. plus all this is good for sony wether it succeeds or not.

i think navigating the menu will kinect is kool but thats as far as ill go :)

bumnut3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Im curious about it too, but my 360 is broken (5th one believe it or not!)

I think ms should have ditched kinect and brought out a next gen console instead, it has been 5 years, and it would really annoy ps3 fanboys because xbox would be a generation ahead with far superior graphics.

Dr-ZOOM3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

5th with 3 year warranty lmfao

May God bless your soul good sir

bustamove3300d ago

....Why didn't you stop at the first one?

avengers19783300d ago

You bought 5 someone else on here has admitted to buying 3 that's 8 360's sold to 2 people.
Gee I wonder how they sold 40 million consoles.

bumnut3300d ago

I haven't bought 5, i have had 5 fail.

1st - lasted 3 months, replaced for free.
2nd - didn't last long either, replaced for free.
3rd - lasted over a year and ms would not replace for free, £60 repair
4th - was modded and got banned, then broke a week after! (maybe i deserved this one)
5th - this one lasted a while but has now failed.

sorry, i should have been more clear in my original comment.

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Sheikh Yerbouti3300d ago

When you have a stack of 30 games, 10 of which you have multi-player for and 5-8 you play every once in a buy a new system. You have more money in games than you have in a single console.

bumnut3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

I have given up now, cancelled live and only game on my pc & ps3 ..... with free online.

What makes me laugh is the 360 sounds like a washing machine and still overheats! what a piece of junk. Most of my friends have also had at least 2 consoles fail.

Chaostar3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

I am not excited for Kinect at all more anxious that if it succeeds we will see less focus on future 'core' 360 games. I've had my 360 since launch (minus 2x RROD) and I don't want to see it turn into a platform for shovelware. MS don't have many first party studios and if they all focus on Kinect games then where are the exclusive AAAs going to come from?

Obviously Kinect is not aimed at me or, probably, most of the people that visit this site but if I had kids I would at least think about buying it for them... IF it lives up to most of it's promises.

Anyway like I said there aren't many people here that will be excited for Kinect but with the absolutely mind-washing amount of marketing that MS have spent there's a good chance it will be a comercial success, if nothing else.

Stealth20k3300d ago

natal =only for casual non informed gamers

VGChartS3300d ago

when you see kinect's sales you will open your eyes and see how great of a tech it is

Stealth20k3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Sales dont mean its any good. It just means with marketing hype and vaporwear microsoft can sell people on false promises

visualb3300d ago

but its funny you're calling people uninformed yet you name the device incorrectly. =P

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