Trading Places: A Curious Tale Of The Console Wars

Josh Lovison of MediaPost Publications guides us through the current console war, touches on past industry rivalries and makes a few predictions for the future.

"COME YE HITHER AND LISTEN to a tale, a tale of gods and monsters, of secret agents and interplanetary conflict. I speak of the ages of the console wars. Between the ebb and flow of power among the three, dark acts and risky maneuvers have created a tapestry of events that are highly worthy of weaving through."

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fjtorres4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

1 - MS didn't drop their price for the PS3 launch; "Sony gave us our price cut" anybody?
2 - The Elite doesn't have a built-in HD-DVD
3 - the 360 doesn't use 4.7 GB DVDs (that was PS2); XBOXES have always used DVD9. 9Gb is hardly the issue BluRays fans make it out to be and it won't for a while.
Three strikes: you're outta here!
Come back when you know what you're talking about, buddy...

texism4074d ago

urgh...editors seriously need to start finding better material for their stories

fjtorres4074d ago

I've been round here 6 months and I've seen not a hint of moderation of any kind. Place is a lawless free-fire zone and a boon to corporate shysters and FUD-spreaders...

Rooftrellen4074d ago

Hmm, they predict Nintendo will lose because they'll screw up like they did with the DS.

If Nintendo screwed up with the DS, we can only pray that they do the same with the Wii.