Behind the scenes with Harmonix at the Rockband PAX booth

Dan Teasdale a Senior Designer at Harmonix has decided to posted his adventures at the Penny Arcade Expo in the form of a picture blog. The Penny Arcade Expo will be running from Friday, August 24th through Sunday, August 26th. So if Rockband is on your gaming wish list. Tune back in to catch all the backstage action at PAX. Brought to you by Harmonix.

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Syko4805d ago

I didn't want to put to much in the description because I had to write it myself, but this is just the start of PAX and most of these pictures are of them just setting up the equipment and testing out the Audio/Video. So check back to his photoblog often as I am sure it will have many exclusive photos of Rockband in action that you won't find anywhere else.

Also, Check out this blog by HMXSean over at the Official Rockband forums. He explains that when they were setting up for a sound test at PAX he and a co-worker were playing Blitzkrieg Bop and halfway through the song, over 150 people had gathered behind them. And PAX wasn't even open to the public yet!!


This game will no doubt be the best party game to have because it will always have that, WTF is going on over there appeal when you have 4 people jamming out somewhere.