CVG: Enslaved Review

Pure combat fans would be better advised to try Castlevania: LOS first, but if you're after a fun ten-hour action game in the vein of Uncharted - just not quite as slick or refi ned - Enslaved is a good shout.

It's bold, fast-paced and varied, but lacks the sheen of Drake's epic adventures.

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Game-ur3293d ago

This review sums it up rather nicely.

SIX3293d ago

These a$$ hats don't deserve your money. They gimped up the audio for the PS3 version for no known reason. I'm buying this used. These idiots won't see my money.

AKS3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The audio at the top end appears to be higher quality, LPCM, which doesn't affect me because my receiver can handle all the audio types. It sounds quite good in my setup, playing in 5.1 LPCM.There is an error at the low end, however, which should be corrected via a patch. I suspect that they mistakenly placed 2.0 LPCM at a higher priority than DD and DTS; if that's the case, it should not be difficult to fix via a patch.

SockMaster3293d ago

I think regardless of reviews im going to get this game, maybe not now but in the future when its a little cheaper, that way if i dont like i have only spent less money then i would if i bought it now, still unsure about castlevania though.

GuruStarr783293d ago

Just rent it.....why buy it at all if thats how you feel about it.

kasasensei3293d ago

Keep in mind you can not rent video games in severals country across the world. :)

Game-ur3293d ago

Rentals cost me about 6 dollars a week, my standard way to play games. But I do buy games if I love them too much. Or long like RPGs.

BeOneWithTheGun3293d ago

Oblivion and Fallout 3 were my last purchases. GameFly the rest.

SockMaster3293d ago

Ah True, Well Personally i enjoyed the demo which is good enough for me, usually demos dont do a game justice but well its a matter of opinion right?

To be fair i didnt know that, i thought renting games was commonplace but i guess i was wrong!

Sarcasm3293d ago

I've been playing it on the 360. The story, world, and overall concept is very good. But I feel the unreal engine is dated for this type of title. "TeH Jaggiez" makes it look terrible. And the unresponsive controls is a turn off sometimes. They put too much emphasis on canned animations.

Otherwise, 8/10 is about right.

Rainstorm813293d ago

i agree i also have been playing on the 360 and thats my take on it as far

mricecreamman3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

quote on quote "unresponsive controls is a turn off sometimes." you may want to learn how to play the game a lot more. the controls are actually fluid one of the best controls i've seen yet. this game is not like the unresponsive gow, hence button mashing.

Sarcasm3293d ago

GoW is far from unresponsive. I hit light attack he light attacks, I hit heavy attack he heavy attacks, i hit jump, he jumps.

Enslaved "can" be fluid, it's just when you hit attack, it animates for 1 second to attack, then when you hit jump, it animates a jump for 1 second. etc. etc.

That's what I mean by unresponsive controls. It just takes the feeling away of control from the character, which quite frankly takes a bit of the fun out of it.

Don't get me wrong, although I say GoW is responsive, the most responsive games has to be Ninja Gaiden.

hellraiserpop3293d ago

I'm starting to like CVG a lot now. Their scoring system seems very consistent and professional.
Reach 9.2, CLOS 9.4, Enslaved 8, thumbs up to all those scores ^ ^

raztad3293d ago

Judging by the demo 9.4 is too much for Los. Game is nowhere close to a masterpiece.

8.5 would be a much accurate score IMO.

SIX3293d ago

LOS doesn't demo well. The final game really opens up. If you like this type of game do not pass it up.

ASTAROTH3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Judging by the demo ENSLAVED is amazing but the reality is that the first 6 chapters are boring. Its after the first 6 that the game gets a little better. Anyways dont judge a game by a mere demo, at least try it... Ohh and LOS IS AMAZING!!

raztad3293d ago

Yeah, the demo is enough to tell about gameplay. The story sure will be epic but the gameplay is just copy of something that has been done before and in a smoother way. 8.5 sounds about right and it is a damn good score.

3293d ago
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