Microsoft: 360 Drove Growth in July

Microsoft has responded to the July sales numbers released by the NPD on Thursday, stating that customers spending on the Xbox 360 is two to one compared to PS3 and Wii.

Microsoft states in the announcement that 360 consumers have generated $2.7 billion in revenue since November of 2006...

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ALI-G4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

1)$2.7 billion in revenue since November of 2006, comparing favorably to the $1.7 billion generated by the Wii and the $1.3 billion by the PS3 in the same period

2)top selling game for July was the Xbox 360 version of NCAA Football 08, and that this version outsold the PS3 and the PS2 versions of the same game, combined.

3)They also stated that the console’s accessory attach rate is no 3.3, and the software attach rate is 6.2.

we will have to wait and see what effect the price cut+ huge game line up +HALO3 WILL BRING

where is NASIM=LARRY007 i am sure he has something to say about this

@2:if people picking second or thired 360 that will bring down the attach rate and also mean the actual attach rate is (2 or 3)*6.2=12.4 to 18.6 that pretty impressive

@below:u r wrong ,this figure since NOV 2006 not 2005.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4164d ago

if Xbox 360 revenue is 2.7 billion while a whole year ahead of other systems wouldn't that mean the PS3 $2.6-3 billion by the same time?

And wouldn't the Wii have $3.2-3.5 billion by next year?

If you compare one years worth to Wii's and PS3's revenue Xbox360 would actually be $1.35 billion and not that far ahead of the ps3 and being destroyed by Wii.

The KEN KUTARAGI4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

MICROSOFT is saying, that since last November, the Xbox360 has generated 2.7B in revenue.

Quote- "Microsoft states in the announcement that 360 consumers have generated $2.7 billion in revenue since November of 2006"

The PS3, and Wii were on the market at this time.

These numbers are from a time when all 3 consoles were available.

The big number is the amount of games people are purchasing for the Xbox360.
The more games that get sold for the Xbox360, the more likely a developer is to want to make a game for the platform, and the cycle just keeps growing.

Mu5afir4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

Use your little head, do the math.. how many Wiis and Ps3s were in peoples homes in 06 of last year, compared to the 360? That's right, there were less, much less consoles in peoples homes.


But what does this mean? You might be asking your self..

It simply means, that the Wii and Ps3 didn't have enough hardware sold to be compared to the 360. Since, if you do the math the 360 was released in 05 while the other consoles were released in 06.

Microsoft thinks that the average consumer is an idiot, and people are gullible enough to take dumb stats like this and declared that, they are the market leader. But, you aren't gullible are you?

If you disagree by all means let me know why.

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chasegamez4164d ago

thats just people picking up
a second or a third xbox360
it just for back up b4 halo
comes out

mboojigga4164d ago

Dumb as*es they are talking about sales generated from software, accessories etc. Not hardware. WTF is wrong with some of you. Take Madden for example the sales compared to the other systems. Take the attach rate the 360 has when sold for games and assec. This is why it is the leading platform. No fanboy or bitc*ing needs to be stated. honestly if you don't even have a 360 why would you even care who is selling what. How does any of this affect your enjoyment for the systems you like. Some of you fanboys spend more time complaining about what MS or Sony is doing then playing the actual systems.

Bloodmask4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

When 3rd parties are looking for which console to support. I'm sure a software attach rate of 6.2 is very attractive to them.

This will lead to better 3rd party games on 360 as well as giving Microsoft more bargaining power for 3rd party exclusives.

3rd parties will definately want to support the console more that will give them the highest returns.

Double-Edged4164d ago

I'm saving up for Halo3.

I will rent bioshock twice just to beat it and for achivements.

I would have bougt bioshock if there were still collectors edition still around.

duarteq4164d ago

It seems microsoft has seen some "SMOKE" with 3fixMe. Not bad, i wonder what they will use to "DRIVE" from now on...

PS3n3604164d ago

ask your RayStation3 or your P3NiS3 or your POS3 or your Paystation3 or your GheyNation3 or your PlainStation3 or your Lamestation3 or your FormanGrillstation3 or your Foldingstation3 or maybe your Waitstation3 or your MassiveDamageRealtimeWeaponCha're a douche.

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