Why Console Exclusives Are Bad for Both XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 Owners

Fans of the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation 3 are constantly calling each other idiots. PS3-fans call 360-fans a bunch of frat boys who wouldn't know good graphics from a hole in their head, which they probably do have if they bought one without any fear of the dreaded XBOX Red Ring of Death. 360-fans call PS3-fans a bunch of nerds with such little social lives that they were willing to buy such a ridiculously expensive console.

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T9X693290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

They're not bad if you actually play them instead of arguing which games are better over the internet. I own both systems so I have no problem with exclusives.

"But if you think about it, if every game available on the 360 was available on the Playstation 3, and vice versa, wouldn't that be better for gamers in general?"

Not really. Playing Halo on PS3 would just be weird, and playing LBP on Xbox would be even weirder. Sometimes a game is just meant to be played on a certain system.

HarryMonogenis3290d ago

The constant argument over "console exclusives" is just a silly argument to have. I personally don't care which console has the "most" exclusives, I simply play games I like -- and most of the time the games that I like are multi-platform games (excluding Halo, Gears of War etc..).

socofsnails3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Well, if I only had a PS3, I think I'd get over the weirdness if it meant I got to play the thing.

I mean, I really honestly do wish I could afford both consoles, but I'm a substitute teacher in real life, and the funds just aren't there. And the way the economy is, I doubt I'm the only one.

Natsu X FairyTail3290d ago

Exclusives arent bad. If there wasnt any then PS3 and xbox would be the same thing. its stupid.

socofsnails3290d ago

Er, but if they were "the same thing" already, then why would gamers be getting all bent out of shape about the differences? Take Bayonetta for example: the XBOX version was vastly superior to the PS3 version. This is just one instance of where a better version of the same game, rather than exclusivity, gave one console the advantage. This also encourages competition: both sides will put their all into making a better version of the game so they'll have the edge, and gamers will reap the benefits.


how does that encourage competition. If every system had the same game. Eventually you will just have one system because why have another. But most of you guys on here are communist anyways. You want one system to stop the hate like it matters, you want all multi plat games,so no1 can brag about there system. Thats communism, 1.Everything eqaul and distrubuted evenly. you guys are dumb if you agree with this article. If everything was the same we would just be playing on the gameboy color still because there would be no competition, no exclusives, just one console and some crappy half assed games, like the multiplats made 2day. Look at playstation exclusives and compare to multiplats, what multiplat is better, yes theres your choice and opinion but are you getting the best quality for your buck. Hell no.

sinncross3290d ago

To me exclusives are like club football teams.

Rooney is exclusive to Man United etc

Klipz-Wish3290d ago

Agreed not only that but if there were no console exclusives then the quality of games would go down in general I think. I believe that if there wasn't any console exclusives we wouldn't have gotten many franchises. For example if GT wasn't exclusive i dont think we would have ever seen a Forza.

socofsnails3290d ago

Could you explain this a little further? Wouldn't they sell more copies of the game if it was available to more people? I'm just sayin...

Chaostar3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

You seem to have fallen into the same mindframe as a lot of people, who think quantity of sales equates to the quality of the game. Please don't make me perpetuate the saying that [insert pop star name here] sells a lot of CDs but do they make better music? too late ¬_¬

I think Klipz-Wish is right in saying that competition between exclusives can generate quality in games and even, in the case of Forza, spawn completely new IPs.

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stonecold33290d ago

the ps3 becaue it has more varitey games that appeal to me and most of 360 games i cant get on pc i like uncharted killzone gt series heavy rain modnation racers and those games i metioned they are not any other platform

3290d ago
PirateThom3290d ago

Console exclusives have NEVER been a bad thing. Anyone who thinks otherwise can jump in a fire.

It's never been an issue any other time, why now?