Summer 2011: Huge Sonic 20th Anniversary game and Mario and Sonic 3

"Exclusive scoop from Paul Gale Network on a new mega entry in the Sonic series for his 20th anniversary in 2011."

"In addition to Sonic's 20th Anniversary there is also plans for Mario and Sonic 3."

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FrozenSnowCow2929d ago

Oh a first day buy if they did it right!

Bethany2929d ago

there's no doubt in my mind that unless sega royaly f's it up this game should be legit. as for mario and sonic 3 it would have to be pretty damn improved to get my interest.

Sun_e2929d ago

Brings back memories of my sega genisis!

NikkiWii2929d ago

My brothers would be all over this game but I would to. Sonic stll has value today and I want to see him shine again. 2010 and 2011 are looking good for him.

jay22929d ago

I can't wait for this either, I'd love a 3rd Sonic Adventure as well.

firithdil2928d ago

Can't wait for this. Looks awesome.

Amber3602928d ago

A Sonic Adventure 3 could be great but in the time being at least Sonic Colors looks fun!

pcz2929d ago

im excited to see what original ways sega will find to ruin this great idea.

actually im not even sure its a great idea, it sounds like it will be incoherent. a game made up of classic levels from various games? so basically a game equivalent of a mix tape :/

mix tapes are always shallow sounding... its better if you have a body of work that has a theme, rather than a mish mash from different sources.

when will sega ever learn?

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The story is too old to be commented.