OXCGN’s Steal It for the 360: Civilizaton 5 (PC)


"You start with a tiny group of settlers and dreams of a global empire. How you get there is up to you. Do you grab pointy sticks and conquer your neighbors?

In Civilization you chronicle the story of your own empire."

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Belgavion3299d ago

I know this game would be dangerous on the 360 as I'd never put it down.

gaminoz3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I much prefer this type of strategy game to those games that just reward quick fingers. Civ Rev proved you could do this sort of game well on 360, so it's too bad this one wasn't extended to it.

Godem3299d ago

Civ Rev was awesome fun and addictive.... So I as long as this wasn't too complicated it would be great

XboxOZ3603299d ago

Heheheheh, actually, check the Civilization V Addict video in the article/review, funny as, and almost laughably real actually.

It's a hoot, have you seen it yet?

GrathiusXR3299d ago

A lot of people have told me how awesome the Civ Revolutions is it? On the 360 is... It's very simple yet very detailed and in depth for a console game of this genre.

If I had played previous Civ games on the PC then perhaps would of picked it up but cos I haven't played any previous titles and with all the titles out currently and still to come out don't know If I'd have time to appreciate this game on the PC :(

BadCircuit3299d ago

I wish there were more strategy games like this and Anno on 360 rather than just the modern military types like RUSE and Endwar. I know the controller has it's downfalls, but maybe the new motion controls will make it easier???

XboxOZ3603299d ago

I've seen R.U.S.E being used with Microsoft's 'Surface Technology', and for any strategy game, it would be brilliant.

I think in due course, developers will hone their ability to work on consoles more and more when it comes to such games, as some have proven that it can be done, and done well.

That's not taking anything away from the great game this is and that it's on a PC, but if it was to come to the consoles, I'm wondering IF it would have the audience to support it, as there's a distinct difference between the two audiences now than there was say 5 yrs ago.

Now the console audience is more flippant, and also transitory, not staying too long on any one title, in case they miss the next big AAA game. So dedicating 300 hours to just one game over a few months just wouldn't cut it for the console audience, imo.

cornfedgamer3297d ago

Civ 5 would be impossible to run on the 360. It just wouldn't work. That's why civrev exists, and isn't a numbered entry in the franchise. Civ Rev is awesome with the disclaimer (for a console civ).