Shenmue Sound Creator Responds to Shenmue City Announcement

Andriasang: Osamu Murata does not believe new game represents true intentions of creator Yu Suzuki.

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Acquiescence3294d ago

Sega needs to sort their shit out and give the public what they really want.

ATi_Elite3294d ago

A flash-based online MMO inside a social network.

You never know this could be the next Farmville......

but then again it is Sega so I doubt it.

Why not Shenmue 3

Gue13294d ago

Shenmue city is a bitch-slap on the face of the fans.

Wizziokid3294d ago

Shenmue City is just pathetic, maybe sega can't read but they can't miss the fact that people want shenmue 1/2 re-released on arcade and PSN or just bring out Shenmue 3... what don't they understand?

Quagmire3294d ago

Just Great. Games people Didnt ask for. After Shenmue City and DmC, whats next? A Final Fantasy MMO? Oh wait...

DelbertGrady3294d ago

I remember a couple of years back they were planning to make a Shenmue MMO for PC. Is this the same thing? Shenmue without Yu Suzuki and a larger than life budget is like Mario without Miyamoto and Nintendo.

Wizziokid3294d ago

nah sadly shenmue online got canned, I was really looking forward to that though

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The story is too old to be commented.