MotorStorm Info & HD Video

Sony's Pete Smith convinces us that MotorStorm will be one of PS3's biggest early hitters. Latest media included.

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specialguest5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

oh no! it's MotorStorm again.
-research on which console is more powerful...check!
-long list of exclusive games vs. the rival console...check!

-links and more links...check!

-a keen-eye to look for jaggies...check!

-brain storm jot down of insults...check!

-backup arguement and made up facts just incase im losing...check!
ok im ready!!!

Bill Gates5389d ago

That was the funniest post. hahahaha :)

mikeeno75389d ago

NEWS JUST IN: Mikeeno is silently sneaking through enemy territory. The calm before the storm. Whether he survives the flurry of incoming fanboys is debateable but will be fun none the less.

Gamer135389d ago

I need to see some weather effects - at least rainfall - they should have rain in the game because where does so much wet mud comes from.

specialguest5389d ago

according to the title: MotorSTORM, you would think they'd include rain huh? who knows, maybe they may have rain in the other stages. rain would be a nice effect to include though.

Bill Nye5389d ago

No, all the title suggests is that there's a 'storm' of 'motor (vehicles)'.

PS360PCROCKS5389d ago

I dont want to be a fanboy, but for like the 100th time why can't they just show the damn gameplay, not a video using the engine, or anything else, only some of that was actual gameplay. I want to see someone playing the game or some bars on screen, or something, I would assume alot of you would like to see the same thing? It's not just this game it's other games as well, and it's so stupid, developers need to stop doing that, they show you something and than it doesn't look as good for whatever reason and sometime it does and if it looks worse your let down, your left at your TV screen waiting for that amazing graphics to happen. I dunna this game does look fun and looks killer, I think it has pretty damn nice graphics for a launch title, but they just need to show ACTUAL number 3 said it should be at TGS, I hope they it is cause I am curious

Karibu5389d ago

There's plenty of gameplay videos. Some have posted them here too. Yes, it was playable at E3, search for it.

OutLaw5389d ago

I have to admit that sometimes I had problems believing in Sony but I never missed a release date for no system (except for the Gamecube) and I don't see myself missing out on this one. If they could release this game and Heavenly Sword on the release date of the system, I'm getting a PS3.

omansteveo5389d ago

I agree outlaw but in all seriousness this game looks cool but is it really a reason to spend 600 and heavenly sword according to Gamestop listing isnt making launch. I want a ps3 but games arent where my concerns are, its mostly will the system have the same durability probs as the ps2 and how will sony handle these problems...the psp launch is a perfect example of what im afraid is going to happen with the ps3 i work at a GAmestop and it was heck for turning people away with pixel issues bc Sont wouldnt replace the defective units unless you had 13 or more pixels out people were in an uproar about it and it all in all it sounds like a great system but people should really think about sonys customer service issues...and they're arrogance towards consumers and retailers.

OutLaw5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

I was just really complimenting the game. It does look nice. I know the PS3 is a big risk at the moment. Also I have to say I am pretty good with the people at Gamestop here in New York and I would like to thank you guys for years of looking out for me. I've been visiting your stores ever since it was called Software Etc an me and the manager here are real cool. So keep up the good work and get down on that lawsuit, I see how hard you guys work.

omansteveo5389d ago

Thats cool a friend of mine just transfered to a store in New York i think hes in the bronx somewhere im not sure anyways yeah i personally try my best to help out customers when they have probs like defective merchandise bc sometimes it really is just the mangers call on what to in some situations bc our company will get reimbursed for it but with the psp Sony was refusing to reimburse for decftive units they had ship by saying "yeah we know its decftive but its not that defective so were not gonna reimburse you" and thats crap people like micriosof and nintendo consoles bc of the customer service.
Ive called Sony customer service for people before and for some reason it cost more than 80 dollars to fix a ps2 and you have to pay for shipping back and forth and according to them it has to be 2 day and its magically comes out costing more than getting a new one, so people choice is obvious...its bad for business.

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The story is too old to be commented.