NXT Gamer: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

NXT Gamer's Mike reviews Castlevania: Lords of Shadow!

"Before I get started, let’s get one thing straight, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is not the Castlevania you know. In fact, the game was originally cited to have no connection to Castlevania whatsoever and simply be called “Lords of Shadow”. MercurySteam and Kojima Productions have taken Castlevania from its ledge jumping roots and turned it into one of the most cinematic third person action games of the year."

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gillri3906d ago

another great review!!!

gamer20103906d ago

See, this review was reasonable. He didn't mark it down for not being another rehash of the metroidvania games. He also recognized the good qualities of the game that make it so great.

SIX3906d ago

I just beat the game I don't want to spoil it but it is probably one of the craziest endings ever. The game is great BTW. I strong 8.5 for me. Graphics look like it was built as an exclusive. It's that good. My biggest problems where the camera and some bad platforming choices.

VileAndVicious3906d ago

I love how just when you begin to get used to the combat they give you a new toy to play with.

So far Im really diggin this game.

SaberEdge3906d ago

I admit I haven't quite beaten it yet, but I have played a lot and so far I would give it a 9.4. Amazing game!

XxMajeSteRxX3906d ago

same here awesome game... 9.4 it is!!

SIX3906d ago

Get to that end Noa!!! it's a complete [email protected], and a make or break type of ending for some (not for me). My buddy came over and when I got to the end we both screamed out WTF! at the same time. I was going to sell this game once I got done with it, but im keeping it because for me it's an instant classic. Murcury Steam, you have my respect and I can't wait to see what you do next.

mike90773906d ago

ill get it on black friday

capjacksparrow3906d ago

That's racist, what's wrong with White Friday?

shammgod3906d ago

brilliant game! honestly, the most fun i have had with a game since Uncharted 2. LoS is a must buy

ironcreed3906d ago

Yep, I just beat it tonight and was blown away by what happened after the credits rolled. Absolutely one of the best endings I have ever seen and the game itself felt like an incredible, tragic, epic journey. Will be eagerly anticipating DLC and a sequel. I LOVE this game.