Kojima talks Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater

Hideo Kojima has a few new things to say about the next Metal Gear Solid game.

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MrMccormo3296d ago

I always enjoy Kojima's games, so I can't wait to see what new tricks he pulls.

HolyOrangeCows3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

"Hideo Kojima has a few new things to say about the next Metal Gear Solid port"

I'll stick to Subsistence, with better controls/camera, more content, better graphics....

ExplosionSauce3296d ago

But yeah it is true. I enjoyed Snake Eater and enjoyed Subsistence even more.
I already have two version of the game, so I don't think I'll be buying another one for a portable system.

MGS3 is an amazing game! :D

Ocelot5253296d ago

you forgot Dolby pro logic audio

Eamon3296d ago

I haven't played MGS3 in ages so I'm welcoming this game.

raztad3296d ago

A NEW MGS on 3DS would have me buying the new handheld, which by itself its a great feat considering I dont like Nintendo hardware or its games. Snake Eater is an incredible game but I already played it, and it is almost certain it will come as a HD collection with trophies for the PS3. So well I'm happy to skip the 3DS for now, and stick playing Peace Walker.

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ReservoirDog3163296d ago

My favorite Kojima game is MGS3 (and overall just my favorite ever). So I can't say no to more MGS3, even if it's in 3D (I don't like 3D, feel it's basically just frivolity for no good reason).

Either way, this is the reason I'm gonna get the 3DS.

MEGANE3296d ago

amen to that... i may get a ds just for that game

Galaxia3296d ago

Are Color and High Definition also frivolity's to you? 3D hate is so pointless and stupid, I can't wait till it becomes the norm so people stop whining about it and start praising how much better it makes everything from adding depth to increased precision/accuracy in facial expression.

ReservoirDog3163296d ago

Ok, I like HD. I'll buy blu ray if I have the chance, even if it's just a movie like A Serious Man. Necessary? Nah but I like it.

But 3D is different. For games I can accept it. It could* be fun (though possibly headache-y) but I don't like it with film. They say 3D is like when they introduced color to film. Got a lot of hate then got accepted (possibly with Wizard of Oz?). I don't agree though. What does it add? It just kills the immersion when that bomb flies at you but doesn't hit. When it jumps at you and you follow it with your eyes and see your sofa. Kills immersion.

Would Taxi Driver be better with 3D? Godfather? Reservoir Dogs? Pulp Fiction? Children of Men? A Serious Man? Schindler's List? No, cause it ruins the integrity of film. That's why I don't like 3D.

Also, if it moves fast in 3D, it blurs.

XXXCouture3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

youre seeing it the wrong way ReservoirDog. its not meant to make existing movies and experiences better than they are now. 3d is supposed to create NEW experiences, new ways of watching movies and playing games. its not supposed to upgrade current movies like color and hd. but trying to create an immersion in new experiences like nothing else. btw i dont disagree with you or anything. i understand and respect your opinion in every way. and i wont argue over you dont like it. im just saying its not the same as the "old hd and color upgrades"

remember when sound was introduced in movies and everyone said it wasnt needed because the current movies would be stupid with it? it more similar to that

ReservoirDog3163296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I see the logic (giving people new tools to play with) but the execution will probably be flawed. I saw Toy Story 3 with 3D and it had a very subtle 3D. The few moments it really extended out of the screen felt stupid. The other 3D usage was unnoticable and it was praised for its mature usage of 3D. Good 3D is unnoticable 3D? So why use it?

And I meant, were those movies being made and this 3D software available at the time, they wouldn't have been better. Far from it. The blood on the camera lense piece in Children of Men would've been scrapped cause it just would've been blood hanging in midair for a few minutes. And so 3D technology would've been detrimental to one of my favorite movies ever if it were made when 3D becomes a part of all movies. So it'll, in theory (and execution), be detrimental to future movies that I'll someday love. Killing it at conception so to speak.

Am I making sense? I really do think it's terrible for my favorite form of art and my future career.

XXXCouture3296d ago

yeah totally, cant argue with that lol. anyway im not to keen on 3d aswell

Perkel3296d ago

@ ReservoirDog316

So we should stay in SD era or Black&white because films like godfather natively run in SD ?

My HD Godfather Compilation tell me HELL NO !

Same is with 3D, Yeah films like Avatar are just 3D showcases BUT it doesn't mean that there won't be any good 3D films.

About "Good 3D is unnoticable 3D? So why use it? "

Same as above.

There will be ton of crap 3D WOW films. But there always are crap films no mather what era it is.

3D is just next evolution and i agree that it's even bigger than SD to HD or B&W to Color.

Try RD: Afterlife this Film without 3D would be bland. With 3D it shines.

ReservoirDog3163296d ago

You missed my point. 3D is a step towards intrusiveness. It's advancement for the sake of advancement without any regard for the integrity of the art. And I explained how it would be detrimental towards movies. Bad movies are bad movies but it would get in the way of good movies. Would get in the way of one of the greatest single shot scenes in modern film (Children of Men).

Quality movies aren't even touching 3D even though the technology's there. It's just action movies enjoying the extra $5 per ticket. Why? Because the Coen brothers, Scorsese, Tarantino (I doubt he'll ever* make a 3D movie), the talented guys still making movies see that nothing's enhanced with 3D movies in a quality film.

Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, that only used natural lighting, is more of a technical tour de force than any 3D movie.

XXXCouture3296d ago

perkel what he means is that the effects of 3d doesnt make any "screenographic" difference. it doesnt give you something we couldnt get before. its a step yes but towards what? maybe we've entered the fine technology era where new steps isnt necessarily because they are needed towards making a better experience but rather for the sake of going foward instead being at the same

Galaxia3296d ago

"What does it add? It just kills the immersion when that bomb flies at you but doesn't hit. When it jumps at you and you follow it with your eyes and see your sofa. Kills immersion."

That's a bad example of 3D, that's the kind of 3D that give's 3D a bad name. I'm not talking about that. I am more talking about depth of field. Letting you see further into the screen rather than the screen popping out at you. When you have 3D depth of field, everything appears naturally as they are. They are no longer 3D objects represented in 2D on a flat screen, but 3D objects being rendered in their natural 3D form. The subtlety's of facial expressions would be amplified back to how they are in real life with 3D.

Whether it be games or films, I would love to have that depth of field, I believe it could add so much in so many little ways that make a significant impact when added together.

I don't think bringing up past arts has any relevance, just like a director can choose to make a black and white film for artistic purposes now, one can choose to make a 2D film 50 years from now if he wishes.

ReservoirDog3163295d ago

Hmmm, fair enough I suppose. I get what you're saying but that jumping out at you must happen eventually even in the best of movies. Right? I don't know but we'll just see.

Either way, it was fun having an intelligent and civil conversation on here.

+bubbles to everyone here

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DigitalAnalog3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Seeing that I do not own a PS2 or a PS2 copy (all sold out here in Hong Kong), the only alternative way was to utilize the PCSX2 emulator on PC.

Thing is, the game (on emulator) runs at a horrible 2 - 10FPS, 3 FPS max on heavy duty battles. Meaning, I finished the game in a total of 30 "real-time" hours. That my friend, is TRUE dedication to the game. A new remake like this on a handheld could at least relive the moment.

But you may ask, why don't I buy a freaking PS2 and download the copy of the game? Simple, cause I use said money to buy me SOME PS3 games, you know. Even worse, I own a 360 now, and I just BOUGHT Alan Wake for it (the limited edition) at a bargain price.

-End statement

fossilfern3295d ago

Id love a PS3 remake of MGS3, amazing game

King-Leonidas3295d ago

Like the Boss would say:'I've been waiting for a MGS3 PS3 remake all my life'

crzyjackbauer3295d ago

mgs3 was suppose to be on PS3
Sony didint have the tech ready
kojima had its vision of MGS3 on PS3
sadly its hard to ask for a remake
just give us the HD collection

avengers19783295d ago

You know I could really go for a HD remake of the metal gear games. MGS 2 and MGS 3 were some of my all time favorite games.
I Can't wait for Metal Gear Rising, but MGS is the SH!t

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Gago3296d ago

its getting close to milking now

Close_Second3296d ago think this is milking. Checkout the Halo article beneath this one.

wwm0nkey3296d ago

What series isnt being milked this gen? We need more new IP's though MGS3 is my favorite MGS so I will buy it.

kaveti66163296d ago

If the milk tastes good, why complain?

Halo just needs to fundamentally change into something more like Uncharted. More humor, more character, more stealth, less shooting, more camera modes, more environments, more enemy types (even Uncharted lacks in this department), more puzzles, more exploration.

All shooters need to cross into different genres. The best games out there are the ones that aren't easily categorized.

blumatt3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Actually, Microsoft needs more new IP's. Sony has done a great job of coming up with new IPs this gen. LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, ModNation Racers, Agent, etc. (btw, I just bought me a 360 250gb slim and have enjoyed playing it all this week , so don't call me a fanboy. This is the truth.) Microsoft's big three games (Halo, Fable, Gears) cannot be their gaming Triumvirate forever. They need NEW IP's badly!

Iramo3296d ago

first sure if the milk is good then there's no problem but to much milk is bad.and to the person who's basically saying halo is being milked you don't know the half of it there are only 6 halo games out and halo's only been around for 9 years.ratchet and clank has only been around for 8 years and there are eight games bow that's milking FF is milking madden is milking cod is milking 6 games i n 9 years isn't milking

wwm0nkey3296d ago


I totally agree, I love my 360 but even I know Microsoft needs to invest more in new IP's. I loved Alan Wake but to me it seemed like they just let it sit there and didnt even bother to build hype for it.

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Mr Tretton3296d ago

ugh, so this is just going to be a 3DS port?

He really needs to just focus on the next REAL MGS game.

wwm0nkey3296d ago

It will have upgraded graphics, per-pixel shading and he is thinking about co-ops and other features too.

socofsnails3296d ago

Didn't he just finish Peace Walker? And he's producing MGS: Rising as well. He's plenty focused on new titles.

Theonik3296d ago

Rising is handled by his junior team. He's just there for PR reasons.
Same with the people giving him credit for the new castlevania when he was just in the team as an advisor.

Shoko3296d ago

Kojima needs to get together with Suda 51 and Miyamoto and make a game.

That would be the best thing in existence.

mrcash3295d ago

Too much talent, and very diverse it would never work there would have to an extreme amount of compromising?

gta_manic3296d ago

Is basically what we need right now, then MGS5 or dare i say...reboot

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