On the Origin of Species: Mew - Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon

George Hutcheon writes: When I first played Pokémon Yellow at the tender age of nineteen, there was still an air of genuine mystery and excitement surrounding Mew, the very first event-exclusive Pokémon. There was no global trading or Wi-Fi distribution back then: if you wanted Mew in your Pokédex, you had to be damn lucky.

Or you could cheat, I suppose, but that's not the point.

By now, we're all used to Nintendo's well-established act of pretending that event legendaries don't exist until they're ready to distribute them. While Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were released in September 2006, Arceus wasn't officially revealed to Japanese fans until February of 2009. But in Mew's case, they had a good reason for not revealing it: they didn't know it existed.

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I love this kind of stuff. Neat.

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Theoretical Biology ends up on N4G, my day is better.