Warhawk Blog: Fun With Physics

Incognito gives us a quick physics lesson. Evan Christensen, Software Engineer of Incognito writes in the latest blog post:

"Hi Everyone… Dylan asked if I would write up a little bit about how Warhawk's physics so I'll see if I can do this without nerding out and putting everyone to sleep. At first I was tempted to write up something about how we simulate the aerodynamic surfaces for the plane's control surfaces, fluid dynamics for explosions and that we use sub-atomic muscle simulations in our troops when they fall over. But that would really amuse only me and besides that it's not true… this is game physics and in game physics we cheat."

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Lord Anubis4164d ago

I wonder how some people got the jeeps in the air. Did they use grenades or where they air lifted with the warhawks?