Impression Lair PS3 ("Lair a sure buy" -

Continuing my second takes from the floor of GC07 in Leipzig, I had my first hands-on with Lair (despite being within feet of a playable station on more than one occasion). After playing for about 15 minutes, here are my thoughts (I like it, btw):

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xaphanze5872d ago

now im confused

to play or not to play lair?that is the question.

tplarkin75872d ago

You can't judge a game by playing it for 15 minutes!!! The main complaint by people that played the whole game is the Sixaxis controls which become painful over time.

hazeblaze5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

From everything I've read, even the negative reviews, this is a game that is definitely worth playing. I can agree that the game is probably flawed... but the flaws in no way seem to outweigh the fun/beauty of the game. At it's core, it's still dragon combat! And that's what I was buying the game for in the first place.

Hopefully the devs learn from their mistakes on this first title and make something superior on their second try... but this does not seem like a game I'd be willing to pass on. Despite its flaws, it's still the best dragon game we as gamers have ever been given... so if that sounds like your thing, you should give it a chance.

And @tplarkin7, if you'd read any of the reviews... only two commented on problems with the controls... both stating that it took time to get used to the controls. So you're wrong there. This reviewer, along with the other three, felt that the sixaxis controls were instantly intuitive.

WaggleLOL5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

The pathetic little Xbots at EGM/1Up owned once again.

EGM/1Up credibility == 0, so sorry to hear they are going out of business? Guess there isn't much of a market for people wanting to listen to Xbots trash PS3 games.

"even the negative reviews"

There have been no 'negative reviews' of Lair outside of a couple of pathetic Xbots lashing out a a 1080p PS3 game that looks vastly better than everything on their precious little Dreamcast 360.

1080p PS3 games make Xbots feel inadequate and angry.

MikeGdaGod5872d ago

ima still rent it first, before i decide to buy

after seeing some of Warhawks bad reviews, i've lost confidence in all reviews. i already took this approach to movies and now it has carried over to games.

larry0075872d ago

so definitely LAIR is a great game.

LAIR graphically puts any x360 game to shame

VirusE5872d ago

For the last time kotaku is not biased towards games on Sony systems. Yes they are not corporate Sony fans but Sony soooo screwed them over simply for posting news Sony didn't want public. They stuck up for freedom of speak which is very honorable in my opinion. Hating Sony doesn't mean you are not a fan of games on a Sony system. I hate Sony and MS they are both tyrants who constantly lie and skew the truth. Sony screws customers by constantly making proprietary formats and MS constantly sues everything and everyone; they are both evil profit machines. It’s called capitalism look it up.

I love games so I compromise and by their systems but swearing allegiance to either one is for idiot fanboys.

The Wood5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

why are you even in here. do you work for ms or something. ease up a touch, take a breath. For some people the controls will be strange and for some easy. just kool off the fanboyism, its obvious you only came to troll and persuade people not to buy LAIR


@ VirusE well said

tplarkin75872d ago

I would say the same thing about any game. The demo is just a taste, it isn't the entire meal. It is irresponsible for anybody to claim that it is a "must buy" after playing a demo.

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achira5872d ago

i cant wait for this game, i know this game will be fantastic. and tomorrow is the day i will try it at the gc. i am sure this game will crush every other game in may aspects. cant wait to play lair!!! and this review prooves, that ppl should take any review with a grain of salt, especially in todays fanboyism.

Violater5872d ago

You come back and post your impressions.

champ4205872d ago

If you can that'd be cool too.

Chris3995872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

I think the game has and does everything it's supposed to: wicked high-fidelity grapics, huge environments, innovative controls, epic battles.

The developers never claimed it to be anything other than those things. They never said it would have multi-player (which reviewers are docking it for), nor did they claim that you would like the innovative controls (another complaint), just that it had them.

Still, Kotaku and I have a love/ hate relationship. I've ragged on them before for not being "real" journalists.

That said, at least they are impartial and smear/ praise Sony, MS and Ninty equally.

Day one purchase for me - already bought and paid for. Reviews between now and then be damned, I'll make up my own mind once I get my hands on it. (Though I've always had a soft spot for dragons and 'epic' battles - even liked Drakengard.)

- C

thereapersson5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

Especially after some of the stuff that Kotaku says about the PS3.

Anyway, i'm still making my own mind up about this game and will be renting it to see if I like it.

Oh, and here come the 360 fanboys! I can see them just over the horizon!

Violater5872d ago

much like lair.
One thing to note, he did not play the whole game, which is where most of the repetitiveness seems to come out from most reviews.

thereapersson5872d ago

The important thing to notice is how easily he said he was able to pick up the controls and play the game.

VirusE5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

I think the real problem is that people who only own a ps3 refuse to see that yes the ps3 is still in its first year on the market so it does have problems. MANY video game news outlets have panned Sony for choices they have made in the last year and you Sony only owners take it so personal. This is no different than mustang vs. f-body, domestic vs. import, coffee vs. tea, Harleys vs. crouch rockets; to have an objective view you must own both. The only news kotaku can post that ps3 only owners want to hear is positive news; everything else is wrong and bias. I read kotaku, I own a ps3 and a 360 and I am just not seeing the bias. They say things that many other industry analyst and mag editors have said. Go to metacritic for god sake and the problems become apparent; lack of games. 18 games with 80% or higher vs. 61. Only 10 games with 80% or higher that didn’t come out on the Xbox first. 1 game above 80% is a remake of an original Xbox game from 3 years ago and the other 7 got rated higher on the 360. EVERY game that has come out for both is rated higher on the 360. So now is EVERY single game mag and web site biased? Or is it the Sony only owners who are biased? I think the answer is honest. I know half of you are ready to kill me at this point but look at it for what it is; I am making an unbiased observation based on research that I have done. Nothing I am saying isn’t true/cant be backed up. I love my ps3 but I am not blinded by it. I know that next year my 360 will be sitting and my ps3 will be getting all the attention. Loving something is one thing being blinded by it is another.

The Wood5872d ago

oblivion. other than that. agreed


Well said, as usual virus.

can't even really comment on that

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pilotpistolpete5872d ago

I find the issue with lair is mostly controls (and a few other things, but nothing is perfect)

To me its irritating, because I know that if you bother to learn the controls, it will be a killer game.

I think of MGS3, every review said the controls were hard to learn, but since it was an established franchise, they took the time to learn them and loved them.

It sucks that the reviewers don't take the time to learn the controls properly just because it a new franchise.

joevfx5872d ago

i was alwasy gettign this game, it was teh reason i got my PS3 so early. i can care less about reviews, they are just the opinion of a person. Soem people like some games some people hate them, big deal.

Keyser5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

It's not the reason I bought the PS3 but when I saw it I knew I was getting it. I've seen the trailers and Daddy likes. I've got enough time on my hand (since I'm not a game reviewer but a gamer) to learn the controls and fly the dragon the way the designers intended.

I'm not into what reviewers say. It's nice that their opinion is available to measure my opinion against but it's all just opinion.