Xbox Causes House To Burn?

In a Breaking News event that happend just a little while ago on Q13 FOX News Morning, a house burned down in the Seattle area, and from what the reports say, the fire started due to one of the home owners friend, who had come over and were talking about who was the owner of an Xbox, until the friend got upset and threw the Xbox out the window. After that, the friend left, only to return back a few minutes later and set the house on fire. Police are still trying to figure out what happened exactly, and will have an updated report on the situation later on tonight on the Q13 Late Night News at 10pm.

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HyperBear4507d ago

The House did burn down, and the burning over the house was over the ownership of an Xbox. Damn, see ppl are willing to burn houses for Xbox's, but what about PS2's. They just say, screw it. lol

joemutt4507d ago

The title of the article is really misleading, the xbox did not cause the fire. A person with gasoline and matches burned the house down.

Fat Onion4506d ago

They dont last that long

Shadow Flare4507d ago

haha, why is it i hear so often the words, 'xbox' and 'burning house' in the same sentance so often? ahaha. So this time it wasn't the console overheating?

ACE4507d ago

sounds like a sony fan boy too me lol.....

got all up set seeing the xbox in action compared to his ps2 lol

TOM4507d ago

very scummy reprting guys.

HyperBear4506d ago

Isnt Tabloid you moron. I saw it on the news this morning and the title was Xbox Feud Causes House Burning. So you better get a life before you call scum reporting that is actually true.

mikeeno74507d ago

Anyone arguing over the ownership of an xbox needs help.

Fat Onion4506d ago

let me come over your house and claim your system is mine.

mikeeno74506d ago

It's all yours Onion boy. I don't fight over an Xbox till the death. I'd rather just get a new one.

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