Sumo Sultan Review: The Ultimate Gaming Chair or Ultimate Friend?

Jonathan Zungre review: I wasn’t sure how I felt about the Sumo Sultan at first. It’s a monstrously large luxury “bean bag chair” that has a removable, washable micro suede cover, and claims to be the ultimate gaming throne. But it’s actually filled with a super sculptable furniture foam, not beans of any sort, and so right off the bat, I felt the Sumo Sultan had lied to me about its true nature, and I could see my other furniture was intimidated by its Brock Lesnarian size.

However, I began to notice how my guests reacted to the Sumo Sultan as opposed to my other furniture pieces. Where I saw apathy to my

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dan211uk4506d ago

Interesting, i'm looking for a comfortable gaming chair HRMMmmm....wonder if I can get them in the UK.

Quagmire4505d ago

Do the girls come with the chair-thingies?