Pre Launch Preview: Sonic 4 Episode 1 (DualShockers)

DS writes, "During our time with Sega this past week, one of the highlights of our visit was catching up with Sega community manager Aaron Webber, and getting some hands-on time with everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog. That’s right, Sonic is really is back, and you’ll be able to feel like a kid all over again beginning (on consoles) on the 11th of October. We chatted it up with Aarron about the upcoming release and all of the excitement surrounding it. Make sure to check out the clip below to get yourself ready for Sonic’s big return."

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Hitman07692930d ago

I remember the days of Sonic, part 2 was my favorite by far. I think its interesting to see the series return to 2D, must signify how much people want more of the same once a game has become a landmark franchise.

IG_DARKSA1NT2930d ago

The first Sonic had to be my favorite!