Interview with HALO director Neill Blomkamp

This is the first interview he's done about his plans for adapting the popular game to the big screen. The movie doesn't come out until 2008, so there's still lots of work being done and some specifics that couldn't be answered in interview, but you'll get a good grasp on how Blomkamp is approaching the material.

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Terry Tate5389d ago

I would hate to see this turn out like all the other movies based on video games.

mikeeno75389d ago

I'm worried that Microsoft didn't press for a well-known, proven director with the little power they have over the movie. I'm not writing this Neil guy out, it's just he has worked on short films only. So how is he going to cope with the transition of making a longer movie and probably a mega blockbuster hit on the same lines as Lord of the rings. Halo is very popular. He will crumble under the pressure for sure...

andy capps5389d ago

Maybe so, but it seems like he has the right ideas about it and seems to be a true gamer. And he does have Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Weta workshop behind him. I'm really hoping it doesn't suck given all of this.

specialguest5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

please, no cheesy dialog and cliche scenes. so should the director be 90%-100% accurate to the video game? most of the time, it just doesn't translate well into the bigscreens.

Halo on the other hand, already looks like a sci-fi movie. so it should not be that hard to transition over to film.

STFU XBOX U SCARED5387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )

Is it just me or does anyone find it stupid they had the nerve to ask the director of aliens to direct this movie when to be honest from what i saw when i played Halo 2 they ripped Aliens right of, i mean i seriously doubt he's gonna wan't to make a movie that will end his career, you're not gonna tell me this is gonna be any better than all the other catastrophic computer game films there have been, apart from Mortal Kombat because that was good!

Marriot VP5387d ago

Yah but we know if microsoft came out with mortal combat it would of sucked right. Your so pathetic to judge a movie so early on.

Oh and make sure to agree with yourself too you loser.