To succeed the PS3 needs games not PlayTV

At a European game conference this week, Sony announced PlayTV, a device that combines a television tuner and software to turn your Playstation 3 (PS3) into a personal video recorder. In addition the new software will give the ability for owners to transfer the recorded video to a portable Sony PSP handheld.

In addition, Sony announced Go Explore, a satellite navigation accessory and Go Messenger, a voice, video, and chat service.

The interesting part of these and other recent Sony announcements is what the company did not announce – more video games!

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ALI-G4164d ago

games are coming,play tv is nice addition that will not have impact id relase date of games.

what up with the lot of fanboy article(ANTI-360, ANTI-PS3) been posted lately.

Loudninja4164d ago

the games are coming, play tv is jsut an added edtion.What does that have to do with games?do people ALWAY have to complain?They annoucne games as well.

omansteveo4164d ago

No they dont..they announce features and Blu-Ray MOVIE sales figures

jromao4164d ago

PS3 already have everything, games arriving and power already there. TVs and all features are welcome, all they help to reach new consumers and also improving funcionality. All perfect.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4164d ago

In like 3 interviews Reeves said that he wasn't focusing on games for that convention, he clearly stated that he was going to talk about the features more, While Phil does more of the game announcements.

Gizmo_Logix4164d ago

Lets see. Sony announces PlayTV and somehow that's supposed to mean that they're not working on games?


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TheMART4164d ago

Sony fandroids, why are you reporting stories that have a legit source?

They're right by the way. I've been wachting the whole Sony press conferences from their own couches on the LGC and the few games we saw are all the things we already have seen. Not much actually. Most of the time they talked about this Tivo TV stuff and the PSP. Tried to draw the attention away from the lack of games and the interest of people to pay 600 Euro for a BluRayplayer that can do a few games on top of that.

Now again. TV. FIRST GET THOSE GAMES. Otherwise, BluRay player + TV = a new videodevice instead of a GAMEconsole

San anto4164d ago

try reading the gamespot interview and sonys strategy, they said at GC they wanted to remind gamers of games coming this year.

Play Tv is just another reason to be happy to own a ps3 :D

achira4164d ago

and what new staff did ms show you moron ?

Leg-End4164d ago

there was not many decent 360 games in the first year, anyway, 2008 for ps3 will be like 2007 for 360

Ju4164d ago

Didn't know that you were there, too, TheMart. Usually shows are there to experience things live. And I'd guess, that the majority of visitors were either at the E3 (possibly not, because it's not public any more) or at the LGC (I'd guess this applies for the most of the European customers) and will be at the TGS next week. Overall these are hands on events, not - "but I have seen that on the internet before" crap.

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BenzMoney4164d ago

This is seriously pathetic, guys. Everyone who is reporting this story as "lame" or anything else is just being pathetic.

This is a legit article, people - it's from a legitimate source! The only reason you're trying to block it is because you disagree with it. Well, guess what? "Disagree" is not a valid reason for reporting!

Honestly - if you have nothing better to do with your lives than block legitmate articles, you really need to give your head a shake.

Zhuk4164d ago

PS3 needs games not some half baked PVR solution, the only thing worth playing on the system is PS1 and PS2 games, they keep adding more and more 'features' when what it needs is something worth playing.

PS3 = half baked 360 ports, half baked OS, half baked online system. FIX IT

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