Game Informer Resistance 3 Hub Is Now Online

Game Informers online hub for Resistance 3 is now online.

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Prcko4025d ago

Yes,my most anticipated game of 2011!!!
gief more newwws!!!!

pangitkqb4025d ago

I am THRILLED for Resistance 3.

I hoped onto a co-op game of Resistance 2 last night and a flood of great memories came back. It was a great time.

TooTall194025d ago

It's my 2nd most. It would be #1 for me if Killzone 3 wasn't coming out.

RememberThe3574024d ago

I was also thinking of how butt-ass ugly Capelli is. It makes me laugh. Good thing this is a FPS.

White-Sharingan4025d ago

Strong GOTY contender for 2011. With this and the last guardian, it will be tough! day one purchase

farhsa20084025d ago

Hope grayson returns, he is better than capelli

bananlol4025d ago

One thing i really like about the restance series is that despite 3 games have been released we know almost nothing about whats really going on. What are the chimera really? What are the towers main purpose? Who were fighting the chimera 65,3 million years ago and disabled the chimaran forces on earth? What does the term "Can you hear them, they are calling us, it is beautiful." mean? and why does hale and daedalus say it in exactly the same way? personally i think the chimera is just some form of defence system built into the structures on earth, and the ones who blew up chicxulub are the real bad guys. but i guess we have to wait and see.

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