Bungie is the greatest game developer of all time.

Sarcastic Gamer pokes a bit of fun at Bungie's expense over it's latest tease that they may be developing a MMO.

From the article: When speaking in hyperbole, declaring the “best ever,” or offering mile high platitudes, I usually reserve the good stuff for Valve games. When looking back on Bungie’s career, however and when hearing about a possible new MMO from Bungie’s creative director Joseph Staten at GDC Online, earlier this week, I pondered one question: “Why is Bungie the greatest game developer of all time?” Why?

Because Bungie can do no wrong. A MMO for their next game? A MMO for their next game."

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r0gueZA4742d ago

ama gonna let you finish... but Beyonce was the greatest developer of all time... all time :)

Natsu X FairyTail4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Beyonce has the greatest developed ass of all time!


GodsHand4742d ago

Make dat a$$ clap make it snap (talk to me now).
Make dat a$$ smack when I slap (talk to me now).

Shang-Long4742d ago

everyone is allowed an opinion.

ZombieAssassin4742d ago

I just don't see them doing an MMO, especially if it's multiplatform since Microsoft isn't really all that MMO friendly when it comes to the xbox. Hope it's not one too since I don't care for MMO's and it would be a shame for people as talented as Bungie to waste their talent on something like that.

TekoIie4742d ago

There will be a sequel for it the year after release. Infinity ward will be making it, and then bungie will make one ect...

4742d ago