Eurogamer reviews Blue Dragon

Eurogamer understand the rationale, They really do. The Xbox 360 is going down in Japan in a manner which makes lead balloons look like a sound investment, and Something Needs To Be Done. What does Japan like? It likes Final Fantasy, and it likes Dragon Quest. A lot.

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aaquib4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )


LOL, and you XBOTS were insulting Lair's 7.0 score. WHat happend to this being a killer app AAA RPG for 360 that would crush Final Fantasy and any other crap PS3 has???

Oh yeah, did I forget? THIS GAME IS ON 3 FREAKING DISCS! Its what Microsoft gets for being cheap and using last-gen DVD.

Oh well, atleast you won't have to play this! In fact, you won't be able to play anything, because your console is in repair!

Also, this game was a flop worldwide. It did, like what, 30 000 in Japan? Sony could put out a bluray disc with no game in it and sell 10 times that.

ALI-G4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

it just like if GEARS/RESISTANCE been relased now insted last year how much will they get?will they still blows us away with the graphic ?it was targeted for japanies market and got pretty high score in famitous .sold over 300k(target was 200k) copies where the instal base for the 360 is less than 450K , so that over 66% attach rate.try to find anygame in the history that have as high attach rate as this.oh both
wiiplay+wiisport combained attach rate in japan do not match that.

DISC SPACE: this game offer over 40h of gameplay, how much did HS offer with it Blue-ray capability? 6 horse(that inculde 1.5h of cutscen).it has nothing to do with disc space .game production and direction will not be changed becuase of disc space, the game will be relased in 1,2,3 disc or even part of it will be instaled in HDD.

if u disagree,please tell me why ? becuse of HS/B-R facts !!!

CNIVEK4075d ago

you dumbass. It's a game aimed PRIMARILY at the JRPG-loving market....IN JAPAN, and it reviewed and sold rather well in that market, a year ago. It shouldn't be surprising that a EUROPEAN reviewer didn't like the game, anymore than a U.S. reviewer would ; although, that is the first "failing" grade the game has received in a whole year. So....STFU. :o

sjappie4075d ago

I can't remember that this game was hyped en masse by 360 fans, definately not in the way HS, Lair and Warhawk were hyped by ps3 fans. I know I sure didn't hype this game, and it wasn't even intended for US and Europe.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4075d ago

Even if this games was aimed at JRPG lovers like myself its just seems way too childish.

What a good JRPG needs is a storyline, if you don't have that, most JRPG fans won't like it. And frankly this game didn't even seem that original.

VirusE4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Calm down aaquib, in japan it was a AAA title but American taste differ greatly. This game is too odd in that way that only Japanese things can be odd. I played the demo and it was good but way to wacky for me to get into. Get off of your high horse aaquib. If you want to be a jerk and rub peoples noses in things please tell me why the xbox360 has per meta critic 60 games rated 80% or higher and the ps 3 only has 18 (motorstorm is on the list twice) 7 of these games came out on the 360 first and are rated higher on the 360 (again per metacritic). That leaves 11 games yet gaiden came out on xbox first so now we are down to 10. Of these 10 games the highest rate is 86 for resistance (an awesome game in my opinion)the xbox has 17 games with this score or higher. Please explain this fanboy.

hazeblaze4075d ago

Not to add to the flame war, but Blue Dragon was not received as a AAA title in Japan either. The game was considered average over there as well and did not achieve the sales that anyone expected over there either.

VirusE4075d ago

Hazeblaze famitsu gave it a near perfect score.

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achira4075d ago

bad score for a overhyped ms game. but i think its for the japanese market, so many ppl outside of japan will not buy that game.

Captain Tuttle4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Ahh nevermind.

TeaDouble_E4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

It should never been BORN, you were a mistake Blue Dragon ! Thats how bad this game is LOL.

CNIVEK4075d ago

because the same could be said about YOU. :o

TeaDouble_E4075d ago

Wow at least I stay on topic unlike you. Stop acting like a pre teen and make a good statement. Is that the best you can do, dont get buthurt over something thats true. Why are you on this site ? dont you have to get ready for middle school cause I think you maybe late for class.

pshizle4074d ago




THC CELL4075d ago

Man use this not comment Links u will find people will use it alot more

felidae4075d ago

The last Reviews i've seen of some games are all mixed up.

I'll play a game for myself to judge it!

Bioshock and Warhawk both 8/10 from EDGE?? - These guys have some serious problems. I mean i'll buy Warhawk but i don't think it will be as unique and innovative as Bioshock is.

It seems like all the sites and magazines are a little biased.

Blue Dragon is not my cup of tea but i trust CVG's review more than Eurogamer's.

[email protected]4075d ago

Simple & Clean...

Reviews are opinion nor a dogma. They're review and that's all. Each person hold different opinion about something or over something nor all the person on this whole world think the same thing isn't?. So about the review of Blue Dragon and Heavenly Sword, Warhark and Lair... I don't care anymore what IGN, GameSpot, Edge, PSM3 or whatever magazine or site has to said about a tittle that I want. Be your own judge and don't be mentally brain washer for site or magazine nuff said.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4075d ago

Finally someone who makes sense.

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