What's a Mass Effect [sic], Anyway?

BioWare's Casey Hudson helps explain 'mass effect' to us. EGM's September cover story on BioWare's Mass Effect unearthed new details about the game, including a little bit of discussion on what exactly Mass Effect is, other than what BioWare hopes will be their next big hit.

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specialguest4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

i like the concept of a mass effect...oh wait THE mass effect.(sorry, i forgot that it's not plural and there's only one mass effect) it sounds just like the force though.

im only commited to buying 1 console for the foreseeable future, but when this game is, it's gonna be so tempting for me to buy a 360.

ahHH! F#@k it! i'll buy both.

nstott4541d ago

This title just went from a must buy to: could be the greatest game of all time.

Jak4ever4541d ago

This game could potentially have the impact of GTAIII which would put MS over the top in the minds of gamers, a true Genre definer. Im just hoping the planets we can explore are huge, maybe along the lines of Oblivion IV make them massive! and not just 5 or 6 but 100!!

dantesparda4541d ago

What does the "[sic]" in the title mean?

Gamer134541d ago

Can,t wait to play this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.