GC07: Team Fortress 2 gameplay

Halo 3 isn't the only great game to be at the Game Convention, far from it in fact. This video showing 2 classes of Team Fortress 2 certainly proves it.

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AngryHippo4075d ago

looks so cool....i love the cartoony look they went for with this game, it looks like such good fun. I can't wait for this....the orange box will be awesome, such an incredible bargain. Nice job valve, i will definately be purchasing it.

THAMMER14075d ago

I'm going to so busy this Holiday. The orange box, Halo 3, COD4, Madden 08. My God can gaming get any better.

I liked the exploding body parts too. Valve put some work into this game and it shows.

akaFullMetal4075d ago

yea the game looks awesome , the cartoon look is smooth and very detailed, cant wait for this

mighty_douche4075d ago

cant wait for this, not sure if it'll be for the pc or ps3 but either way looks like a right laugh!

VALVE.... greatest deveoper going!!

Capt CHAOS4075d ago

Isn't it coming out on the PC and 360 first and PS3 next year, Jan/Feb?
In which case, it's prob PC or 360. Infact, it's prob PC as that's the lead platform.

Either way, fabtotastic is now a new word describing the fun that will be had playing this awesome game!

tfur4075d ago

I believe it is releasing on all platforms at the same time... oct 9th...

Did this change?

Scythesean4075d ago

all three systems same time. PS3 version is coming out same time as 360 and pc

BrotherNick4075d ago

I just want team fortress 2 ;_; I love multiplayer valve shooters, Day of defeat source is just as awesome along with cs source.

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M_Prime4075d ago

i'll buy this off steam most likely.. i already have almost all the HL stuff except EP1 and and i don't care too much for EP2.. i just want TEAM FORTRESS 2.. i still play TFC!

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