SCEE's David Reeve on Home, Gran Turismo 5, Sixaxis Rumble & More

The president of Sony Entertainment Europe tells GameSpot about the company's new show strategy after the downsized E3, and the other Sony announcements.

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LOFT3164164d ago

Reading all that but Can't wait for Home,GT5 the rumble, MGS4,killzone, oh sh1t loads of stuff thats comming for the PS3 the future is lookin good

Ri0tSquad4164d ago

GSUK: There were some rumour of introducing force feedback into the SixAxis controller. Is that happening?

DR: We picked up today on some of the Web sites that people were talking about that in Japan, but we don't have any announcements about it at all.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4164d ago

Focus on their presentations.

Man they really want to keep stuff like rumble in the shadows. A lot of stuff to look forward to for PS3 owners.

cool66114164d ago

Man I cant wait for Home to come out !!!!!!!!!!!!! its awesome

San anto4164d ago

does ny1 know if this Sky tv service that will be on ps3 will cost extra to existing sky customers?

PS-Wii-604164d ago

"well in case of Home, it's not a price, it's what the rates will be"

WTF? Is HOME no longer free?

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