A Letter to John Madden from Washington Redskins Long Snapper Ethan Albright

In the many hours logged playing Madden, have you ever wondered how the players feel about their various rankings. This is a supposed letter from Ethan Albright, the Washington Redskins long snapper who is the lowest rated player in the game. Could this be fake, maybe, but Loot Ninja knows that the side splitting humor is very real. Enjoy.

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Syko4164d ago

It’s also pretty wonderful that my awareness rating was 59. You make it sound like I wake up in the morning, helplessly sh!t and piss myself, then lose three of my teeth before I discover that I am trying to eat a rock for breakfast.

XD...LMAO, Funny stuff right there

drunkpandas4164d ago

I think an even funnier line is "F&ck me sideways with a lunchbox." That one made me spit my water across the desk. HAHA.

bym051d4164d ago

That is hilarious. I always wondered how they came up with the rankings.

MyNutsYourChin4164d ago

This is incredibly old. I remember reading this about a year ago.

Syko4164d ago

It's still funny right now. I have never seen it. If you are holding anything else this funny you better let me know cause I wanna see it. Sometimes you gotta bring up the really old stuff on a slow news day. =)

taz80804164d ago

yeah i relaised it was old after i put it up, but it is still hilarious and i figured it was worth it for those that may have not read it. i think sometimes we get oo serious as gamers and just need a good laugh once in a while and this had me cracking up last night.