Widespread issues with Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows?

It seems that the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows has now become a widespread issue. A substantial amount of users have been reporting an error with the Wireless Receiver. When the users plugged in the Wireless Receiver into an USB port, the receiver drained power from all USB ports so all other connected USB peripherals stop working altogether. To worsen the problem, those same users also reported that Microsoft's technical support had been unhelpful in resolving the issue.

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duckman24704164d ago

I have been using this wireless 360 USB dongal for over a year , its always plugged in, always running and i have NEVER had any issues with it. Infact its the best thing since sliced bread. I will also add that im also using the original LAUNCH Controller which has also works flawless. And BioSHock is awesome on the PC!

Lacarious4164d ago

"Microsoft's technical support had been unhelpful in resolving the issue."

i would have never suspected it!!!!

marison4164d ago

I do not have any problem. I'm a happy user since accessory launch.

I have used to control my PC, at the office, from my bedroom. I'm using a joystick to mouse and keyboard program that is beautifully configurable.

duckman24704164d ago

I also use a program to contol windows Vista etc, im using Pinnacle game profiler. works flawless and every button can be programmed to your liking.