Rumor: Haze XBox 360 canceled - PlayStation 3 Exclusive

German: Wie wir soeben bei einer Präsentation des Shooters aus erster Hand erfahren haben, wird es keine Xbox-360-Version von Haze geben. Der Titel ist dieses Jahr noch PS3-exklusiv und wird voraussichtlich im November erscheinen, 2008 wird eine PC-Fassung folgen. Weitere Informationen zur Präsentation folgen heute Abend.

Translation: How we learned just now in a presentation of the Shooters out of first hand, there will be no XBox 360 Version of Haze. The title is this year yet PS3 exclusive and will appear presumably in November, 2008 will follow a PC version. Further information to the presentation follows tonight.

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V2oom5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

It saves the developers the embarrassment of having it pissed upon by HALO 3.

The developers would not make enough money from it on the 360.
By going PS3 exclusive the PS3 fans will lap it up and make them more money.

JUSTaGAME5053d ago

It probably would have been one more multi-platform title that was better on the Xbox360 than the PS3.

I'd like to point out that the article's crappy translation does state that Haze is exclusive to the PS3 "THIS YEAR".

This probably means the game is a timed exclusive, which is good for Haze, because the Halo train is comin' and I don't think HAZE wanted to be lying on the tracks.

AngryTypingGuy5053d ago

If it's good enough, people will buy it, even if it's competing with Halo 3 (which it wouldn't be if Haze was released in '08), and even if it's not right away. At this point in time, a game released on both consoles will usually sell more on the 360, because many more people have it. Look at Madden 08 sales for example. Bigger install base = more potential customers.

The Wood5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

but im sure you'll probably already have it on your y fronts such is your hate. *insert name of favorite chick* could be sucking you off right now and id still not envy ya ms mart. your a wasteman


this is in the totally wrong place and i dont know how it happened. This wasnt directed at anybody around here. apologies

joevfx5053d ago

it wouldnt have been better on the 360. THis game was being developed first on the PS3 then was gonna be ported to the 360.

poet2155052d ago

I only have PS3 right now & I don't care about it's exclusivity being timed or whatever. I gave them a fair shot, but first person shooters never did it for me anyway. They are great games, but I could care less about yet another FPS. It's arguable that developers have flooded the market on both 360 & PS3 with hyped FPS's.

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TheMART5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )



I've been at the Ubistand @ LGC and they made clear there will be a PS3, PC and a 360 version.

And even if it WOULD get cancelled for the 360... I've been playing Haze at the booth, AA problems, graphics weren't that top notch, Halo 3 single player looks much, much better. And like people hoped to look like Crysis? Forget it. It almost looked like a last gen beefed up FPS. The Nectar and 4 player co-op is fun though.


The one below. Nah dude, I've seen single player footage, was @ Leipzig Games Convention as press and I can assure you. Halo 3 is the real thing. Halo 2 single player wasn't all that compared to the great Halo 1. Halo 2 had great multiplayer though. Halo 3 combines the greatness that can be in single player and takes the brilliant Halo 2 multiplayer even to a higher level.

So sssshhhhhhh because you'll be laughed at @ 25 September


To all those below. I laugh about you. Proof I've been on LGC: my presscard and a nice picture... We've sh!tted on and flushed the PooStation 3! all pwned

AllroundGamer5053d ago

and they didn't kick you out of there??? :D meh i don't believe you...

Agriel5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

honestly man I don't think I really believe what you say. I have seen you piss on or downplay a lot of good games in you're fanboism so I think I will not start trusting you now.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI5053d ago

You are a part of press. Really people don't hire biased idiots anymore now, go back to work at Macdonald or whatever uneducated crap job you got.

Gorgon5053d ago

Halo IP sucks. Grow up and play BioShock instead.

crck5053d ago

"It almost looked like a last gen beefed up FPS."

Dude... you just described Halo 3.

Anyway, why do I get the feeling he would say Halo 3 looked better if master chief was a green stick figure running around a black and white background. Not saying Halo 3 won't look better but honestly a source like him is worthless.

aaquib5053d ago

1. A stupid moronic fanboy like you shouldn't be allowed at LGC.
2. If you guys got HAZE, you'd be so happy and go PS3 SUCKS, WE STOLE AN EXCLUSIVE!!!!
3. You aren't getting HAZE so stfu, and keep waiting for your XBOX 360 to come back from repair so you can play halo 2.5 on September 25th.

LOFT3165053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

Fart sorry Mart your comments every time you post one you have the most disagree's wow you really do suck and all the time you claim to be at the LGC you been spending all your time in the Playstation booth's playing Playstation game's ? well any way i think you should change your ID to King Sucka ,or closet PS3 fan ,or the biggest piece of Crap walkin anyway i'm sure everyone's got a name for you so do us all a favour and stick to feltchin your dog instead of commin on here spewin your crap ok there King Sucka

Snake_Doctor5053d ago

Hey mart,
Were you the one doing liveblog for eurogamer?

DADO5053d ago

The Mart found a new friend at the LGC.

Kleptic5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

theMart playing at LGC...

aaquib5053d ago

I just gave bubbles to everyone who insulted The Fart.

Edit: My bad, I meant The Mart

Vip3r5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

What happened to TheMart today after reading this post.

synetic5053d ago

krackchap you WRONG its halo 2 :

halo 1 released in 2001

halo 1.5 released in 2004

halo 2 2007

btw who needs halo when you can have CRYSISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSS

Ri0tSquad5053d ago

That picture had me laughing for a while lol. But as 360 being the fps console I don't think this game being an exclusive would hurt them because it has so many other fps.

HowarthsNJ5053d ago

because I find myself agreeing with TheMart about the graphics in HAZE.

I downloaded the new HAZE trailer from the PSN last night and was not impressed. It looked nothing like the pre-rendered promo they put out a while back.

Maybe I've just been overdosing on MGS4 Beauty/Beast footage or something. Alot of games are starting to look graphically crap next to MGS4.

HAZE gameplay on the other hand looks great. I love games with brains and a subversive agenda.

I just hope they polish up the graphics before it comes out. The jungle level looks awesome already, but it needs even more good stuff to last.

BlazinEurasian5053d ago

Ha check out how biased the media is if TheMart(media) is telling the truth.

The Wood5053d ago

ive found him and his bro, he really was there

TheMART5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

Funny how envy works. I've been playing at the Ubisoft booth, played Haze and Naruto there, asked them about Haze and still you, clearasil using kiddies that weren't there are crying all around.

I just caught one of your girlfriends on the LGC playing the Wii, because your own Wii's are below 2 inch. Imagine how ugly one of your kids will look watching this picture!

SofaKingReetodded5053d ago

In his own stupidity and haste to "impress" N4G posters he forgot that he just gave himself away as a MS employee.

it's pretty obvious by now, no one should take anything you say about the PS3 seriously EVER AGAIN.


now do everyone a favor and leave you MS turdjockey.

TheMART5053d ago

Wrong again.

You're making assumptions without even asking. But you may do so. I don't work for MS, I don't own any shares, I'm not Bill Gates, but I was press @ the pressday LGC.

I have been playing all those games and I have my opinion on the PS3, with Sony lies as they did with the PS2.

It's just that Sony fanboys are pretty upset by the reality, that the so called upcoming AAA games in reality aren't that good.

Blitzed5053d ago


Didnt you just prove media bias against the PS3?

Armyless5053d ago

Everyone knows you never will.

i Shank u5053d ago

dammmmnnnn look how many comments and attacks the mart gets! you guys are acting pathetic! the mart is owning you guys (except the ones with humor that attached pictures, that sh!t was funny) seriously tho, im havent been on n4g long so i dont know what mart's said in the past but the way you all flamed this comment is pretty unwarranted, especially considering probably none of you get to go to games conventions and play games like he says he did. he probably doesnt want to show pictures of him there cause ya'll will photoshop it to hell and make jokes forever out of it lol

San anto5052d ago

your so full of sh!t foley
"no i did shoot him in the face, twice!"

b777conehead5052d ago

mart that attachment you posted dosent prove any thang.

stunt2135052d ago

u r seriously the biggest f**king fanboy ever, everybody knows that haze graphic is a lot better than halo 3 sucks ass graphic. i agree than halo is fun but it was never because of the graphic. halo 2 to halo 3 has to be the least improved graphic from last gen console to a next gen console in history of gaming.

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krackchap5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

double post sorry

iceice1235053d ago

Do explain to me how Halo 3 is halo 2.5. I would like your comparison screen shots, graphs, charts all you have put together to come to the conclusion it is Halo 2.5.

krackchap5053d ago

just like you xbots came to the conclusion that killzone 2 will be bad,because of the first one.

Daewoodrow5053d ago

there's a difference. The "xbots" are saying they don't care about Killzone 2 because Killzone 1 wasn't great. Saying that you aren't looking foward to a game is a fact. You, on the other hand, are saying that Halo 3 will offer very little that Halo 2 didn't, hence the "2.5". That's an opinion.

Other people being immature isn't a valid excuse for you to do it. If you really look down on the "xbots", you wouldn't go and say something equally unoriginal and fanboyish as they do in the next sentence.

beavis4play5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

how can anyone look at the first 2 halos and not say the third is just more of the same? also, it really is disappointing to me that bungie has done little to bring the graphics into the next gen. also, show me one screen or video footage where you face more than 4 ememies on screen at once. i could go on,but why? will halo be bought by rabid halo fans-yes. is it a noticeable advancement for the series when compared to the first 2? other than finishing the story, no. so i think i would call it halo2-A. just an extension of the last game, not necessarily a noticeable improvement over halo 2. but, this doesn't mean it can't be fun to play, i just wouldn't classify it as a next gen title.

Sangheili855053d ago


Are you saying "show me one screen or video footage where you face more than 4 ememies on screen at once. i could go on"

Are you stupid? Have you ever played halo 1 or 2? You fight way more then 4 guys at once. Damn even halo3 Frankie already said in one fight at the end of the first level there are more NPC's on the screen at once then the entire first level of halo.. THATS ALOT!

DG5053d ago

as for Halo3 and Killzone2 we will se wont we untill then STFU! Oppinions are like @$$..holes keep the stench to your self.

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THC CELL5053d ago

If this is true we have a True Halo VS Haze on our Hands

CNIVEK5053d ago

...because even if it's true, it won't even be a fair fight. HAZE goes down in the first round, HALO 3 never breaks a sweat. :o

ShiftyLookingCow5053d ago

if this is a good game I will get it for the PS3, if its just run of the mill shooter(they can still be fun but there are just tons of games this fall) then doesn't really matter. People who say Halo 3 is Halo 2.5 are just flaming and people who compare Haze to Crysis in graphics dept are blind. And I am in hurry before school one last unrelated comment: Is Rachet & Clank FTOD any bad because it uses same old gameplay? Hell no way.

beavis4play5053d ago

i agree with you about ratchet bill. and i think halo will be fun to play. but ratchet can be considered next gen because of those mind-boggling graphics. i still will have to see them on my ps3 to believe thats the way it looks. i just wish bungie took the time(or had the skill?)to make halo 3 look uber-spectacular.