Sony PS2 Still A Contender In Gaming Market

While Sony battles with Microsoft over which of their next-generation video game consoles will dominate, its seven-year-old PlayStation 2 still has a lot of life in it.

"We are committing funds for PS2 ... we encourage third parties to continue development for PS2. If they bring a PS3 version out, they can bring a PS2 version out as well," David Reeves, head of Sony's European games unit, told Reuters on the sidelines of the Leipzig Games Convention on Thursday.

"There is a lot of money still. What happened last time with PS1 is that they left a lot of money on the table by making the transition too quickly," he said.

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Covenant4074d ago

No surprise:


Casual-gamer friendly.

Hundreds and hundreds of good games.

PS1 compatibility.

Established name brand.

tplarkin74074d ago

Perhaps Sony should have waited a year or two before launching the PS3. That would have given them a stronger foundation for the PS2 and time to make the PS3 the best it can be. Instead, Sony let Microsoft dictate the console cycle. You have to give MS credit, though. They put out an amazing machine in a short time.

okcomputer4074d ago

More like still the champ. Its still outselling both the ps3 and 360.

Greysturm4074d ago

The only console that might eventually catch up to it right now is the wii. But if it continues to sell at this rate thats gonna take a while...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4074d ago

Man really PS2 is by far the best gaming experience I had. I still even play it now.

Man the Xbox only had four games which appealed to me, and even the 360 doesn't have much which appeals to me.

N4GayFanturds4074d ago

in the data storage/movie market!

Lame news.

Captain Tuttle4074d ago

Is holding back the PS3. Why should developers tackle the Cell when they can crank out profitable games on familiar hardware? Sony caught in it's own trap...they need the revenue stream from the PS2 but people aren't moving to the PS3.

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