PlayStation Move's Ace In The Hole: PlayStation Network (RunDLC)

Like many gamers, I’m both curious and on the proverbial fence about PlayStation Move. The peripheral’s great. I had the privilege of testing it before launch and think it has loads of potential. I’m just disappointed with the initial software lineup. The flagship title, Sports Champions, doesn’t hold my attention long, and there’s little about Kung Fu Rider and Start the Party that excites me. It’s OK if you disagree, since a lot of people are happy with the device and its games. But I need something else to pry $99.99 from my wallet, some glimmer of hope that leads me to believe that Sony intends to make the most of its new toy, and it appears that I have the perfect answer. PlayStation Network.

John Artest (RunDLC)

Newtype4734d ago

They are already at it. They should publish majority of the Move games on PSN. Saves developers some money, and they don't have to worry about used game sales.

CrzyFooL4734d ago

That shadow moving game is fkng cool. It also hurts my brain.

doa7664734d ago

this is repost of my comment on that site;

I just created this account so I can tell you how misinformed and wrong you are:

-dead space extraction comes included on the same blu ray as the main game, it's NOT a PSN download, I don't know where you got that, on blu rays there's plenty of room and there's no need for voucher code to download stuff like it happens on the 360 with DVDs

-you need something else besides sport champions, kung fu rider and start the party? what about Heavy Rain, MAG, High Velocity Bowling and Resident Evil 5 gold edition, all these games support Move and you didn't mention any of them

-what about gran turismo 5, killzone 3, RUSE and little big planet 2? all those games support Move and you still think that PSN's 10 or 15 dollars games are Move's ace in the hole? you have no idea what you're saying

-sport champions is incredibly fun and addictive, I used to think that would suck until I got it and now I think it's great, so you shouldn't talk about the quality of games you haven't play for more than a few minutes with brief demos

Pedobear Rocks4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

that SONY want's it used in big retail releases it truly is meant to get the family crowd. Smaller $15 PSN downloadable games are much more attractive to a family buying games for their kids than a $60 M rate game imo.

As for Extraction being on disc... that is ONLY with the LE version...regular DS2 doesn't have it...it'll be a sepearte purchasable PSN game...

From Joystiq:

The PlayStation 3 version's high-definition graphics are a straightforward (if unambitious) improvement, but the wider distribution via the PlayStation Network, and through Limited Edition PS3 copies of next year's Dead Space 2, offers the greatest opportunity to connect with new players.

From the official PSN blog:

Dead Space: Extraction will ship on the Dead Space 2: Limited Edition Blu-ray disc on January 25th, and will be available separately as a PSN download.

idiot who?

xino4734d ago

"Don’t get me wrong. More games will hit store shelves in the coming months, from The Shoot to Time Crisis: Razing Storm, but PlayStation Network could hold the key to the Move’s legacy. "

so why the hell should hardcore gamers wait for trash games from those list?

Save your money, play some games for Oct:
Quantum Theory
Lords of Shadow
Medal of Honor

buy the movie dec 2010 or 2011, what is the point in buying the move whereas there isn't any hardcore titles for it?
do you really wanna re-buy Gold Edition?
or are you lucky to have a Gold edition?
are you lucky to have
RUSE? Heavy Rain?

Mind you heavy rain is not even playable with move control layout!
some point it will ask you to press and hold Circle, Triangle+Move button.
good luck with that one, you would have to put down the Nav Controller or 6 Aixs.

Also it all cost too much!
*£40 Move starter kit
*£30 charger kit
*£20 Navigation controller
*£-- bunch of piece of trash Move games such as Sports Champion.

go to the farking gym or sport centre to play a real sport.

we want hardcore games!

Cajun Chicken4734d ago

Charger unit? Just use a USB cable! My mate does.

Also, hardly no games actually NEED the navigation controller yet.

Pedobear Rocks4734d ago

need a charger kit or a nav controller.

jneul4734d ago

Noticed reach up there....go to x360 section pls
On topic: had you noticed that maybe we have the money now for move and a game and for later months we can still take our pick from that list if we want, for example I have move and still plan on getting castlevania

amiga-man4734d ago

Xino,i can respect your opinion, but can't agree with you.
i have move, and have had a great time with it, my mate who bought one after using it, and we have had some real tense battles in sports champions, my brother who owns an xbox ( but is no way a fanboy i might add) has spent the last 3 days trying to beat me, and has also had hours of fun, as for hardcore time will tell but Move has proved itself as great addition to my ps3 controllers.

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-Foxtrot420d ago

Dead Space Extraction better than the original Dead Space?


lucian229419d ago

I played all three. Didn't find them fun, just had nothing to play. I don't think I beat third game though. Combat was super clunky, graphics and art design were ugly imo, story in first game wasn't too bad, rest were meh.

Over hyped series imo, also it doesn't help horror games don't scare me, so I guess that's a big reason for me too.

MIDGETonSTILTS17419d ago

Play Alien Isolation on Hard or Nightmare.

Start on the movie DLC so that you don’t have to play a bunch of campaign in order to find out if you’ll be scared.

lucian229419d ago

I heard that was a good one. Honestly vr games scare me with jump scares because of how the threat feels real.

MIDGETonSTILTS17419d ago

There isn’t an official VR mode, unfortunately.

The audio should pull you right in if you use headphones.

CDbiggen419d ago

Just finished playing the first, enjoyed the fact Isaac was a silent alien crushing psycho doom-guy type. Just started the second yesterday and I'm annoyed he's a talker now and sounds like a regular guy who hasn't been through hell, but I suppose he couldn't remain silent.

VersusDMC419d ago

Dead Space 2 is my favorite followed by 1 then 3. All are good to me though. Just beat all 3 on series X and they hold up.

Xenial418d ago

As simple as 1,2,3.

Extraction, then Ignition.