SSFII Turbo HD Remix Update - First Background Artwork

Here's the latest word from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix producer Rey Jimenez.

"How are all you Street Fighter heads doing today? Last week I mentioned that I was having a hard time keeping up with all of the questions spread all over the place and to please restate your questions in the last blog entry. Thanks for that. It makes looking for the questions that much easier. I even noticed that the guys at the Capcom BBS and SRK have created new threads and forum areas to help organize everything in one place. Not that any of that was done on my behalf, but it just makes hunting down questions that much easier.

Before I get on to answering some questions from you guys, I wanted to show you a much requested background. I'm sure you can tell, but this is Balrog's stage."

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mighty_douche4076d ago

thats a load of crap, ive been excited about this game since it was first announced and after looking at the first pic i can safely say id rather pluck out my anal beard and feed it to my mum than play this now.... gutted....

brianodom4076d ago

um, they re-did the sprites...whats so bad about that?

VirusE4076d ago

I think it looks awesome. Its odd that they changed the time that SF 2 is taking place (the bling at what not did not exist at that time) but the detail is nice.

Goshyujin_Sama4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

My favorite series ever and fighters are my favorite. I welcome a digitally re-mastered version of a game that made me loose lots of sleep! Bravo capcom, keep them coming, but would it kill you to make an i dunno....say a.....Street Fighter 4!!! Wow I would just love that, and i'm sure many other fighting fanatics would as well!

Wolfgang1874076d ago

We used to cut class constantly to play this game in the arcade back in the day. Sometimes SFII would hve lines 8 ppl long. I eagerly await dragon punching all of you till your yellow bars are red.

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The story is too old to be commented.