Three More WWE Legends Join WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 Roster (Gameplaybook)

THQ has announced three new legends and two contemporary wrestlers joining the roster for WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, including Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka!

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Buff10443758d ago

I dont think i like these games anymore

BkaY3758d ago

i bought wwe svr 2010... man its worst in the series..
i am going to trade that in with some other game... i am planning to send them a formal complain about the gameplay.. its freaking slow. (HCTP was best controls and gameplay)... i have been their loyal customer since "know your role"... but they are going downhill since HCTP..


mcsm3758d ago

yeh wwe games have become a joke thq should just give up, its like every year they find something great to remove and add some unnecessary crap on.

Brixxer6003758d ago

Jake the Snake and Damien i hope , the good old days of professional wrestling.

Vinushka3758d ago

Played '10, took it back the next day. These games have become slow and boring. Bring back Day of Reckoning! :)

GFahim3758d ago

No Mercy! i.e. the aki engine!