Are Xbox achievements killing video games?

Ryan Syrett from writes "I’m going to start off by saying that I know this isn’t an original article; we’ve all had an argument on the internet, with friends, spouses and even ourselves a million times over about what we see as acceptable play-to-reward boundaries in computer games. I will say though, the nerd that came up with the concept of giving awards in the form of numbers to people on Xbox is a ruddy evil genius and has successfully found a formula to prove just how eccentric some people really get, while giving Microsoft enough free consumer Intel to wave a spoon at."

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dangert123765d ago

I think there abit pointless as the reward for getting them all is 1000 Achievement points that goes towards your gamerscore when i could play 4 + games not complete the achievements and still have as many points as the guy who is getting all his achievements it shows the system is floored.
were as the ps3 gives you a plat and no matter how many games you play your not getting a plat till youve got all achivements for it unless its games that have done the trophy thing like uncharted 2 (which is how i believe it should be done always) online trophies can get way hard spesh on killzone 2 get in the top 1 and erm anyway

it dont ruin games turn of the notifications ignore the list the most it can do is make you an addicted complementation i've sort become like that but i never get them all anyway loool but normally i just play the game for what it is in its first play thourght then chase the achievements in the next few playthrough if i deem the game worthy

mittwaffen3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

N4G, WTF is the matter with you?

News must be pretty dried up today.
Or Acheashadow just has nothing better to do than feed the fangirls..

What do you all think?

nickjkl3765d ago

i wouldnt say that achievements and trophies actually give me a goal in what im forgetting and awards me in a journey to get to 100 percent which i didnt do on pc or ps2 or n64 days i just played the single player and dropped it after i finished it

like san andreas i ddint aim for a 100 percent because i didnt know what i needed to get their

gta4 is tottaly the opposite

gamingdroid3765d ago

Actually achievement have encouraged me to try out stuff I normally wouldn't so it has made my gaming experience richer. Despite that, a badly assigned achievement can ruin gaming online.

It is a double edged sword, but overall a positive introduction in my opinion.

StanLee3765d ago

Same here. Or they've encouraged me to finish or replay a game when I normally wouldn't.

-Alpha3765d ago

It's one of the best things this gen. You get recognized for playing all your games in one, universal place. It's fun to show off, promotes games, creates new elements for you, brings life to old games, etc. Best of all is that it's optional.

People whine too much about Achievements ruining the industry. I think it's great that when I invest so much into a game that I get recognized. It feels good, and that's what games do when you ace that last level, beat that last boss, etc.

catguykyou3765d ago

Games I would of been done with shortly after beating the main sp game I now play much longer and provides re playability to them. Same for trophies. I like it.

Shield3765d ago

My thoughts exactly, well said.


SixZeroFour3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

agreed...normally i dont try for the full achievements but halo reach was my first one

without the achievements, i would have never tried to do solo legendary, and in turn it really made me appreciate the plasma pistol as an all round weapon, cause it can take out enemies and vehicles, at the same time take down a shield in one charged shot (which i already knew, but just saying) that achievement also made me think carefully at what i did during the campaign

edit: what i dont get is how they can "kill" video games when its really just an addition to the where does it make you do the achievements in order to play the rest of the game, or even make you do the achievements to unlock other parts of the game...they can be completely ignored and you would still be playing the same game as the ppl going for the achievements

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tinybigman3765d ago

I wouldn't know I don't go after numbers like most of the people are. Had my system for 5 yrs and only have 10k so I pretty much don't care for them.

SeanRL3765d ago

They don't DO ANYTHING! People think about it for a minute, you get NOTHING other than a little number!

gamingdroid3765d ago

It's not the number, but it is the satisfaction. I believe most that go for these numbers are very goal oriented people.

Nothing wrong with that, just a different way of enjoying games. I mean, do you get anything from playing video games?

SeanRL3765d ago

Ya, I do. I play games for fun, not for some stupid sense of achievement.

I mean they do nothing for you, that's kinda pathetic.

-Alpha3765d ago

Do you people not ace games? Collect all the coins in a game level? Go back to games to find that hidden level, secret mission, etc? Achievements in part help gamer profiles get recognized for those actions.

I don't get why people rag on achievements. It's a sense of satisfaction. It's optional. They don't harm you in any way.

catguykyou3765d ago

For me, it's the same as getting 100% completion rate in a game. It's just a number but once I've gotten almost if not all the achievements/ trophies, I feel I have done/ seen all there is to for that game.

sinclaircrown3765d ago

This is nothing really 'new' just a new take on things.

You're kinda contradicting yourself.. you say you play games for fun. Ok, kinda why anyone would play games is to have fun, so thats a given.

Now, add this to the fold and you have to 'play' more to get the acheivments. Therefor, shouldn't that give you more fun??

Remember not too long ago people played arcade games for HOURS on end to get what? The HIGHEST score! Just to put 3 initials in at the end of your game, or when you run out of quarters.

I replayed Super Mario Bros so many times to beat my highest score when I was a kid.

Whats the point of playing pinball? oh yeah... high score. Acheivments are just a new way to show your highscore. Yeah the system is flawed and some people may have a high gamerscore for not doing much, but its hardly ruining games in any way.

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iPad3765d ago

how can achievements possibly kill video games?

GWAVE3765d ago

For single-player: No, they're great. They add extra challenges and additional reasons to replay a game.

For multiplayer: absolutely not. People wonder why gamers can be such douchebags online. Achievements/Trophies are a part of it.

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theonlylolking3765d ago

They kill online when everyone is trying to ignore the objective or not play as a team just to get that acheivment.

SixZeroFour3765d ago

depends on what achievements

ASSASSYN 36o3765d ago

Recycled debate. This has been debated since the 360 launched. Achievements are not going anywhere! Get over it.

mrb3ar3764d ago

couldn't have worded it better myself

Blacktric3765d ago

They killed them for me. Still trying to recover.

mushroomwig3765d ago

Another week, another 'Are achievements/trophies ruining gaming?' article. *sighs*

I await the day when something original appears on this website.

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