Heavenly Sword gets 6/10 from Edge, Warhawk & BioShock both get 8/10

Here are the latest scores from Edge magazine for games like Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, BioShock, Stuntman Ignition and Medal Of Honor Airbourne:
Heavenly Sword - 6
Bioshock - 8
Warhawk - 8

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MK_Red4991d ago

Now this is one seriously mixed up and crazy review.

BioShock gets its lowest score and its only below one 9 and the much critisized Warhawk gets the same and 2 points above Heavenly Sword!? Were they on drugs or something? BioShock and Warhawk both getting 8 (While it should be 10 and 8) and Heavenly Sword and Stuntman both getting 6 (while it should be 9 and 6)(IMO).

23478ueyur_9382234991d ago

Edge is pretty well known for their tough review scores though.

MK_Red4991d ago

I know but MOH Airbourne scoring more than Heavenly Sword and Warhawk and BioShock getting the same score?

23478ueyur_9382234991d ago

It's definitely odd. Let's not forget Space Giraffe getting the same as BioShock.

MK_Red4991d ago

ZOMG!!! I had not noticed that. I like Space Giraffe but its nowwhere near BioShock! :O

nasim4991d ago

unlike BIOSHOCK it is fun and not boring

HS has got some great reviews as well and a 6 on EDGE is like a 8/9 on other websites


ps3 will own in SEPTEMBER


Bathyj4991d ago

Someone said they gave God of War 2 a 7. Is that true? I'm not sure I care for someones opinion whos that tough. Games aren't essays, they're supposed to be about fun. Any way if anything it prooves Warhawk is a must buy like Bioshock and I already know Heavanly Sword is.

SlippyMadFrog4991d ago

"unlike BIOSHOCK it is fun and not boring"
Fanboy alert!! or Idiot alert!!!

nasim4991d ago

an FPS with subpar graphics and has no online

thats unacceptable in this gen

8/10 is too overrrated for BIOSHOCK --one of the most boring FPS

gogators4991d ago

I already have them both penciled in for purchase and I am buying them no matter what reviewers will think about them.

Time Lord4991d ago

GTA F'n Vice city got 8 in this mag. they are HARSH!!!!

VirusE4991d ago (Edited 4991d ago )

Nasim you continue to be the worst poster on this site. I have bioshock on my pc and its graphics blow everything else I have played out of the water. 1920x1200 with 16qx AA is just simply out of reach for either of the home consoles. You are just an idiot plain and simple. It's very sad and scary that people agree with you. Do you not realize that bioshock is one of the highest rated games of all time and for a good reason? You talk about bioshock not being fun yet you don’t own a gaming pc or an Xbox so how the hell would you know and what is the deal with your English are you 10? You haven’t played warhawk either; you have zero credibility and shouldn’t even bother speaking. As for the own September comment why don’t you do some research before making goofy statements like that. I know you as you would put it "hate cartoonishness of the halo" but anyone with half a brain knows that with millions of pre-orders it will out sell everything this year even if it gets horrible reviews. Why god are you not banned EVERYONE hates you, for gods sake you are ignored by 108 users. Stop and look in the mirror kid you are not wanted.

The Brave 14990d ago

thats it somebody has got to say it.there is something going on?Conspiracy?maybe. HS getting a six.this guy should get fired .lately every sony AAA titles have been getting the short end of the me fanboy or whatever but microsoft has paid a few people for this it just makes sense.hey i know !drake,socom, gt5prolouge,haze,ut3, all get 6

Kratos124990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

@VirusE: wow so much hate for Nasim. Why? Because he talks like an extreme fanboy and supports the PS3. You have said it almost twice now that he is ignored by 100+ users. You have also said that Bioshock's graphics blow everything out of the water. And then you call him an idiot.

But I never see you do the same thing to the biggest idiot on this site TheMart. He is also ignored by more than a 90 users. He is the most extreme fanboy. He is the one who downplays every good title on the PS3. But I dont see you replying him to shut up. You know why?? Because you are no better than TheMart or Nasim. They are extreme fanboys and so are you. The only difference is in the way they talk and they way you talk. For you its everything about the 360. Atleast Nasim is speaking crap on the PS3 side. Unlike the Mart who is bashing the PS3 on the PS3 side and which is perfectly fine with you because you also have an agenda.

I have played Bioshock. I dont think its graphics blow many games out. Examples COD4, KZ2, HS, LAIR, etc. I didnt even bother finishing Bioshock. Why? Because it did feel a lil bit boring. But I maybe wrong and I am getting the full game this weekend. Because I like FPS and this being an FPS and getting perfect scores means that I have to try it. So it doesnt mean I am an idiot for having an opinion. If you think I am then I can say you are one for liking Bioshock. Right?

Piece of advice. Keep your mouth shut!!!!

Sorry for the rant but this douche gets on my nerves!!!

carlman234990d ago

Have you considered the possibility that the games actually just aren't that good? More parsimonious than weird conspiracy theories...

VirusE4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

Ahh kratos i hope you are ready for some ownage you single system fanboy.

Please be a man and apologize. I hate the mart just as much as I hate nasim you are okay with nasim because he is a sony fanboy like yourself. See the thing is kratos (fanboy name extreme) I own all 3 systems and a gaming pc. I play these on a high quality screen and so when I say bioshock is the best looking game I have played I say it from experience. 1920x1200 with 16xq AA is hard to beat kratos. Do you even know what that means?

"I have played Bioshock. I don’t think its graphics blow many games out. Examples COD4, KZ2, HS, LAIR, etc. I didn’t even bother finishing Bioshock. Why?"

You need to learn to read. I said bioshock had the best graphics of a game that I HAVE PLAYED. I, like you have not played cod4, kz2 or lair, crysis or ut2007. Quit speaking of things you have zero experience with, like bioshock. Please send me your gamertag so I can see your bioshock achievements or send me a pic of your bioshock directory with you system properties pulled up next to it. What cpu and gfx card are you running? If you would like I can do a side by side of HS and bioshock on my ps 3 and pc. I think anyone who isnt a fanboy will go with the pc. My pc cost 5 times what me ps3 cost and YES it 1000% does have better graphics than the ps3 and the xbox360 for that kind of cash it should.

Kratos how many bubbles do you have? hmmmm

I think it's time you run upstairs to your moms room and cry on her shoulder.

Kratos124990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

@VirusE: ok so u proved that u did have a go at the mart. So I apologize. As for the graphics on a ps3 and on a PC thats almost 3 times as expensive as a PS3 I dont think we need to tell us which has better graphics. When I made the comparison I was talking about the XBOX 360 version.

My gamertag is DevilsGrave12. If you check my gamercard you will see that i have played only Gears (and a couple of demos) The reason I got a 360 was for GeOW. And I have a preorder for Halo3. I come from India. And the only console we have there is a PS (from the current gen). So naturally I am a big fan. But that doesnt mean I hate the 360 or whatever because then I wouldnt have got it. Second thing I still didnt like Bioshock. But I will play it for sure. And I am not supporting Nasim. I see Nasim as one of the many extreme fanboys like TheMart, POG, FigBoy, and so on and on. But I saw you pick on nasim more than once and never saw u do that to a 360 fanboy and now since u provided me with a proof I apologized.


Edit: @below Thank you :) Bubbles for u 2 like u need them!!!

VirusE4990d ago

Much appreciated. Sorry for being a d1ck to you, how's about i send a bubble your way and we call it even?

GnaM4990d ago (Edited 4990d ago )

"Were they on drugs or something? BioShock and Warhawk both getting 8 (While it should be 10 and 8) and Heavenly Sword and Stuntman both getting 6 (while it should be 9 and 6)(IMO)."

Are you on drugs or something? I won't comment on Bioshock since it's already out and you might have played it, but how the hell can you attempt to correct someone on their review score for say, Heavenly Sword, when the game is not out yet and you haven't even played it!!??

Just like Lair and Blue Dragon, it's truly disgusting how fanboys thing they KNOW what review scores a game deserves just based on watching hyped up trailers online. Good looking cutscenes DO NOT make a game. Get over it.

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GoLeafsGo4991d ago (Edited 4991d ago )

Regardless, to put Warhawk and Bioshock on the same level, then throw Heavenly Sword two levels below makes no sense whatsoever.

Btw, wtf is Space Giraffe? =|!

MK_Red4991d ago

Agreed. While BioShock and Warhawk are both great, they don't belong to the same score category. BioShock deserves 10 or at the very least 9.
and 6 for HS is downright crazy and MOH getting 7 makes things even more stupid.

+Space Giraffe is a cute and fun XBLA game that is most people ignore (But it got 7.5/10 from GameSpot!).

TheExecutive4991d ago

i disagree... I know I will play warhawk more than bioshock, and pry have more fun doing it. I do think if bioshock got a 10 from edge the world would collapse upon itself. I dont get why thats so crazy?

The craziest thing is that stuntman has the same value as HS... yeah right.

hella whip4991d ago

I think maybe Edge rate their scores within their genre so Bioshock is an 8/10 of FPS whereas Warhawk is 8/10 online multiplayers, doesn't mean they're the same.

kn4990d ago

Space Giraffe got a 2/10 on OXM and 4.5/10 on team xbox... The game in a futuristic tempest-type arcade game. To give it and Bioshock the same score defies any sane reviewers logic. They aren't even close... If SG is an 8, Bioshock is an 12. Man, these reviews are whacked out.

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P4KY B4991d ago

I'm going to cancel my Bioshock order.

power of Green 4991d ago

Maybe you should they may not like FPS's and see no difference between BioShock and Duke Nukem. Hell they might not be score whores they might think whats coming in a couple of years may provide games worthy of 10's.

23478ueyur_9382234991d ago

I realize you're joking but Edge giving a low score is nothing to fret about, great games will get 8s and flawed games will get 5s, yet random/unknown games will also get 8s.

GoLeafsGo4991d ago

That's idiotic.
Based on what you said, any publication could rate ANY game a 1/10, and say, "We're giving it this score because we know the 7th entry into the franchise will be spectacular."

Wtf? Games are to be reviewed as they are NOW, based on TODAY'S technologies.

Heck, [by your logic, again] every game should get a 0.2/10 because we will EVENTUALLY have virtual reality.

MK_Red4991d ago

Good one Satanas. "yet random/unknown games will also get 8s." Awesome.
Space Giraffe is great but no 8 great and certainly not as good as BioShock and better than Heavenly Sword.
They say Gamespot is tought and Egde is tougher, how on earth could Space Girrafe get 7.5 from GS while getting 8 from Edge? And I heard one site gave it 6.5 or something!!

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power of Green 4991d ago

Its the IGN's, 1up's etc you want to look at to get mainstream opinions on.

23478ueyur_9382234991d ago

I usually go for IGN/1up too but even they make mistakes, like IGN's review of God Hand.

tfur4991d ago

I find the blond tranny from 1up to be complete annoying and clueless. The he/she is always whining about something...

nice_cuppa4991d ago

i think the industry as a whole is having real problems sorting out expectations of next gen games.

bioshock is one of the best game i have played this year. 8/10
warhawk is about as good as shadowrun. 6/10
space giraffe is good but very VERY hardcore only. 6-7/10
heavenly sword has good production but like allot of summer movies is a bit shallow. 6-7/10

*this is my opinion only.

thank god for spell check !!!