MGS4 Full Preview from GameSpy

GameSpy's full 3 page preview of Hideo Kojima's lastest and greatest Metal Gear game to date. GS meets the lovely lady boss-monsters of Metal Gear Solid 4 and much more.

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HeartlesskizZ4165d ago

I dont recal seing so much news about MGS, and all are good ones, maybe we need a bad one, such as Snake lost his wallet and needs a cigarette..... JK big time.

MK_Red4165d ago

Agreed but the funny thing is that with all news and such, MGS4's overall heat and ranking in N4G right now is 9th! Lower than Lair...

Fighter4165d ago

Once again another great find by MK_Red. I can't get enough of this upcoming blockbuster. This game will sell PS3s for sure.

MK_Red4165d ago

Thanks :) MGS4 deserves so much attention. It's Kojima's last and hopefully greatest Metal Gear.

HeartlesskizZ4165d ago

wow really? didnt knew that, nut dont matter to me, mgs dont go down in my list, specially mgs4

Fighter4165d ago

Especially after that new trailer from GC that features those ladybots. Every trailer makes me want this game more and more. I just wish it would've been released much earlier. I can't wait to see the Tokyo Game Show trailer, I'm sure there will be a new one shown.

Here's my prediction: Before this game is released we PS3 owners will get a playable demo of what is recently being shown at game conventions and what we see in those trailers.

INehalemEXI4165d ago

Yah beauty and the beast trailer was sweet. A demo would rock.

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