Is Time Splitters 4 still dead?

The FPS was canned back in late 2008, shortly before the UK developer went bust. The studio went on to be absorbed by Crytek.

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tunaks14505d ago

didn't free-radical (now Crytek UK) say they were working on it for Wii?

"Free Radical Design's David Doak has described Wii development in general as "a good thing to do" and followed that up with "I think we want to put [TimeSplitters 4] on the Wii", in an interview with Game Informer."

blackbeld4505d ago

I really hope they would bring a new Time Splitters game for this gen soon.

I enjoyed the series a lot.

guitarded774504d ago

Too bad about Time Splitters and STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 3!!!! I still watch the leaked footage while listening to taps.

DORMIN4504d ago

I'm betting Timesplitteres 4 with Crytek Engine.

tunaks14505d ago (Edited 4505d ago )

I just got back to playing them, they were so dam unique and oozing with style. Let hope wii get a ps3,360,wii hell even 3ds release of 4

-Ikon-4504d ago

Future Perfect was the best FPS on PS2

Fishy Fingers4504d ago (Edited 4504d ago )

Well I cant see Crytek continuing work on what was a Wii exclusive. If it isnt using the CryEngine I cant see them putting their name on it.

They probably have other plans in place for the studio.

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jjank114504d ago

Love the timesplitters series. Future perfect was awesome!!

Sigh4504d ago

I still want it... hope to GOD it doesn't take awhile like Duke Nuke em.

T3MPL3TON 4504d ago

I want another Time Splitters. Time Splitters was awesome, if it was a PS3 exclusive I'd buy a PS3 just for it.

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