MGS4 May Feature Limited Online Play

Kojima told Kotaku that while Metal Gear Online is a totally independent game sold separately from Metal Gear Solid 4, the single player release will feature partial online play.

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AkUmAzRaGe lRl4163d ago

limited online just like all the other sh!ty BS3 games cough...cough...warhawk :P

Why_So_Serious4163d ago

oh PS3 = BS3 wow dude that is sooooooo clever

Robotz Rule4163d ago

Go to hell!:)

Have you even played Warhawk?,don't think so:P

Satanas4163d ago

Keeping MGO and MGS4 separate is a good way to cover up for MGS4 production costs without making the game multiplatform. Either way, I'll be picking up both. Good to know that MGS4 will have some online abilities though, hopefully some downloadable content. That'd be sweet.

BIadestarX4163d ago

Why? Don't tell me it was because it didnt fit on the blu-ray disk.
This is an example of what I've being saying... blu-ray or not... developers will distribute their games in a way that make the most sense businesswise... MGS4 is being cripple and dumbdown just to make people buy the MGO. Sucks... I am a fan of the game so I'll be buying probably both... but this proves... just because it fits in the disk... it does not mean.. developers will put it.

Satanas4163d ago

They know people will likely buy both, so it will only increase their profit.

megamold4163d ago

ok thats a pretty g*y thing to do isnt it?
with the bluray option they should put it on 1 disc and not make us buy it 2 times

mikeslemonade4163d ago

I'd buy it 4 times to prevent it from going to 360.

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