First Person Shooter Saturation

Guns, Guns, Guns! The video-game industry seems to be one of weapon-worship. People want to shoot stuff, so developers make games that let them do so. Two of the most anticipated games of the year, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Medal of Honor will be released within the next 2 months. Both games already have a huge amount of attention surrounding them. Are there any issues here? Well, yes and no. During the N64/Playstation era, 3D platformers ruled the roost. History seems to be repeating itself, with a different genre playing the king of the generation.

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isntchrisl3765d ago

Even after writing this, I'm thinking of Reach and Bad Company 2. That must mean something...

FragGen3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

In a capitalist economy it ain't saturated until the market says its saturated. If you don't like it: buy other stuff... it's not like video games are a cottage industry like they were in the 80s/90s anymore. It's that simple! :)

isntchrisl3765d ago

It's not a matter of complete saturation, no. It is a matter of games in other genres being overshadowed by these games.

Dramscus3765d ago

I personally think it's sad that so many crap games get made in the fps genre by dev's just jumping on the bandwagon.
Everyone should strive for an original idea, not to capy some other successful game.

ReservoirDog3163765d ago

You gotta admit though, there's been a lot of 3rd person shooters this year. Only a few FPS games like MoH, Reach and Black Ops.

3rd person has been RDR, ME2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, GoW3, Enslaved ect.

Yeah there's a lot of FPS games but this year has been very diverse.

Oldsnake0073764d ago

God of War 3 is a TPS ? What the Hell ?

maybe I played it wrong ...

ReservoirDog3163764d ago

Haha, you get what I mean though right?

jetlian3764d ago

halo,bfbc2,BS2,COD,MOH,sniper, fallout,metro 2033+ all the tps

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darkequitus3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

It looks like you have. play in third person=TPS,

shooter in the loosest sense. Just like Mirrors edge being a FPS yet you only use as gun marginally. Or Port still being called a FPS. It is just a name to reference the perspective rather than a black and white style of play term

Ginn3764d ago

The "S" stands for "shooter". GoW3 is not a shooter but a 3rd person perspective. You picked up on that point yet still managed to label it wrong.

Jordanemery3765d ago

I would say that First Person Shooters are definitely the biggest genre of games for this generation.

ndibu3765d ago

Shooters are what MOST people want. If you want platforming, get a Wii. It is what it is. Why is it so cool to hate what is popular? Do we think it makes us sophisticated?

isntchrisl3765d ago

There is no hating of FPS' in the article.

kneon3765d ago

There are just too many being made now and most are rehashes of the same old thing. Having bought most of the FPSs of the last few years I'm skipping MOH and COD black ops. I probably won't buy another until Killzone 3. I'll just stick with MAG and KZ2 for my FPS fix until then.

MGRogue20173765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Modern Warfare 2 addiction is kinda wearing off.. Good news :P

CoD Black Ops coming out in less than a month's time.. Bad News.. but also good news lol, I can't decide, really.

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The story is too old to be commented.